6 Feb 2011

Sweet Transformation

 Blessed release and escape from bitter cruel days, happiness shone down on her like sweet rays of sunlight. Warming her hardened cold heart, letting the spring thaw melt away pain and hurt like great platelets of ice.
Warm and eveloping like bedclothes on a cold day, nestled in arms of security and with a sense of belonging. Refuge from harsh north winds, head rested on chest, heart beat close enough to feel against her cheek.
A long and blissful sleep, whole body rested and refreshed from weariness and solitude. Upon waking to embrace a new day, dew still fresh on blades of grass beneath her bare feet. Spirit alive with sense of ressurection and deliverence.

Emerging from deep and sinister waters, murky with confusion and despair, moving to meet the sunlight that glimmers on the surface. Breaking through and gasping lungfuls of cool fresh air.
"This is how it feels to breathe again..." she exclaims out loud, to no audience but her own ears and soul. Or so she thought. For as she lifts her eyes to scan the  horizon, a figure is present there. She feels no fear. No apprehension. No forboding sense of dread. Only peace. Tranquility. Calm.
There is no hesitancy in her stride. She reaches out with both hands, embracing this new light. Finally she is home............   

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