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Forget the house that Jack built....These are the words Lexia writes!... Not your average pic-a-nic basket BooBoo by any means, Lexi serves up tasty delectable morsels of erotica for her audience to devour greedily! Having grown weary & despondent from suppressing all her passion,lustful thoughts and sultry imaginings, Lexia finally smelt the coffee - a new day dawned! Take a trip along the silken corridors of Lexia most intimate desires and immerse yourself in pure and undiluted irresistible fantasy... Be it an account of wanton animalistic need that just has to be sated... Or an expression of amorous sensuality that reaches a fever pitch crescendo of ecstasy, Lexi delivers every time....

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28 Feb 2014

Hairless Wonder

It had never crossed her mind before; the whole “hair or bare” subject. After all, pubic hair was not a big deal to Cassie. Well, not until recently that is! The conversation cropped up one evening at the gym, after a well earned post-workout sauna. one of close friends Rachel was complaining about how painful it had been getting a bikini wax the day before.
“I don’t know why you put yourself through all that!” Cassie had laughed, no way would she pay to be tortured by a wax-happy beautician!
“It’s actually worth it in the end, my fella loves it anyway!” They’d all cackled with laughter at Rachel’s retort.
Then Cassie remarked “So is it just a Brazilian you have then Rach?”
“Oh no, I go the whole hog! Bare all over me!”
Cassie couldn’t imagine being completely hairless down there, it seemed alien to her. Still, each to their own. She kept herself neatly trimmed and that would do just fine, thank you very much. She couldn’t envisage her privates resembling a plucked turkey, that’s for sure. Later that evening, whilst eating dinner, Cassie mentioned the whole “Pubic Hair Debacle” to her her husband Jack, laughing as she described what Rachel had had to endure. To her surprise, Jack casually said he was rather in favour of the smooth look, remarking that he thought it looked feminine. Judging by the way he shifted in his chair Cassie could tell he found the topic of conversation arousing.

A few weeks later, Cassie was cleaning upstairs, furiously dusting and spring-cleaning. It was as she was sorting out the airing cupboard in the bathroom that she stumbled on a stash of carefully concealed porn magazines. Tucked away right at the back, under a pile of towels, they would have remained undiscovered had she not been ruthlessly tidying in there. Feeling a little shocked and slightly irked at Jack for feeling he had to hide the mags from her, she proceeded to pull the pile of glossy magazines out. Sitting on the edge of the bath, she stared down at them in her lap, not entirely sure where to look first. Curiosity soon got the better of her. She was far from against pornography; in the past she had often enjoyed watching a blue movie with Jack, which always resulted in some hot love-making. Gazing at the covers in front of her, she looked at the array of semi to fully naked young models, all striking various poses. Venturing onwards, she began to leaf through the pages slowly, soon engrossed with the sexy photographs before reading some of the stories sent in by the readers. It wasn’t long before Cassie felt hot and flustered, not to mention rather wet. She contemplated putting the magazines back where she had found them…

Then she had a much better idea. Moving into the bedroom, she lay down on the bed, picking up one of the mags as she settled back. She licked her lips at the sight of so many smooth juicy pussies and firm sets of breasts between the pages, her hand wandering down the front of her trousers and under her panties. Cassie was amazed at how moist she had become as sticky juices leaked from her, lubricating her clit nicely for her to stroke at. Within minutes Cassie felt herself begin to twitch and she knew she was going to cum… And cum she did, leaving her panting and perspiring, yet very satisfied. She hadn’t played with herself for such a long time, she could barely remember the last time. Sex wasn’t as high up on the list of priorities as it used to be, although that said, she still really enjoyed having fun with Jack. On the other hand, it made her aware of how she had let things slide in the bedroom department of late. Things were comfortable between Cassie and Jack and very affectionate, yet she could see it was starting to lack excitement too. After taking a shower, Cassie slid the magazines back in their hiding place, feeling undeniably naughty and perhaps a little guilty at her behaviour. However, it didn’t stop her from sneaking them back out again whenever she got the chance, rediscovering her desires in a big way. After much studying of the dozens of naked, spread-eagled girls, she couldn’t help but notice that the majority of them were shaved and totally bare. Far from being repulsed, Cassie found herself getting aroused as she imagined how smooth they must feel, how pronounced their plump lips were and how their clits were free from a covering of hair. “Much easier to get at… Tastier too I bet…” She murmured to herself one afternoon as her fingers busied themselves dipping in and out of her soaked opening. She wondered if Jack got off on these photos of bare pussy too.

Cassie got to thinking about trying it out for herself. However, she couldn’t face the thought of baring all and being waxed within an inch of her life, not to mention the discomfort either. Instead she decided she would take a chance and shave instead, buying an expensive razor especially for the occasion. Despite feeling rather nervous she cast away her doubts.
“What the hell, it can always grow back!”
Settling for a compromise, she left a narrow landing strip intact, taking great care with the razor as she neatly shaped the remaining hair, making sure she got rid of any strays from her labia. Admiring her handiwork in the full length bathroom mirror, she was pleased with the way her pussy looked; her pink fleshy folds now bare and enhanced further still by the sheen of arousal that made her skin glisten.
“Wonder what Jack will make of this…” Cassie smiled broadly as she looked forward to surprising him later that evening.
Unfortunately, Jack returned home from work with a thumping headache and was visibly worn out after a stressful day. Hiding her disappointment, she consoled herself with a little self indulgence when he’d fallen asleep. Creeping downstairs with a magazine under her arm, she felt deliciously mischievous. Jack may have been too tired, but surely that didn’t mean she couldn’t still play around? Besides, she always slept much more soundly when satisfied from a nice strong orgasm.

The following week, Cassie bit the bullet and took the rest off, tentatively running the razor’s blade over her mound, carefully shaving her labia and between her thighs until she was once more satisfied with the results. She smothered a generous amount of cocoa butter all over her freshly shaved skin to sooth it. She couldn’t help but gawp at her reflection in the bedroom mirror. It looked so different down there and at first she had a fleeting moment of panic; hoping that she hadn’t gone too far. The proof that she’d made the right choice came later that night when she and Jack were cuddled up together on the sofa. They’d shared a really nice Chinese takeaway and were on their second bottle of Merlot; the mood both relaxed and tactile. Cassie boldly took the initiative, something that, if she was honest, didn’t happen that often. She felt empowered by Jack’s pleasantly surprised expression. He was overjoyed at being on the receiving end of her advances and they lay kissing for a long time, both enjoying the intimacy. She smiled as Jack stroked her breasts, his hand snaking it’s way up under her t-shirt. He could still make her hot as hell! She sat up and responded by peeling off her top so that her tits were on full display for him. Her husband growled in appreciation, blissfully happy at the unexpected turn of events. She looked such a fox, the new found confidence increasing her sex-appeal tenfold. His cock was already hard and eager to get in on the action. Cassie stood up and held out her hand for him to take.
“Let’s go upstairs baby…” She purred, already stripped down to her carefully chosen lace underwear that concealed the biggest surprise of the evening. Not needing to be asked twice, Jack followed her eagerly upstairs, sneaking looks up at the rounded curves of her arse and her slim waist as she went before him, totally unabashed.
“God, she’s still so damn sexy…” He thought to himself happily.

Cassie undressed Jack slowly, taking her time to discard his clothes between deep lingering kisses before asking him to lie back on their bed in a soft husky voice.
“I want to pleasure you with these…” She traced a finger over her full lips, flicking her tongue over it seductively which caused him to sigh with desire. It pleased her immensely to see his thick hard erection bobbing and twitching as it vied for her attention and she lavished him with such treats, wishing that she had used her initiative sooner.
“I’ve missed you doing that so much sweetheart…” Jack groaned as she sank her head down into his lap enveloping him with her mouth, at the same time realising just how much she’d missed it too.
Jack asked for a breather after a while, not wanting to spoil anything between them by cumming too soon. Cassie’s moment had arrived at last.
“I have a little present for you Jack…” She smiled sexily, delighted at the way his face lit up with pleasure.
“Another? My God Cass! What’s got into you?...” He grinned back at his wife, punch-drunk on the desire he felt for her.
“You’re not complaining are you baby?...” She teased him playfully, standing before him, hands resting on her hips.
Shaking his head vigorously, he replied “ Far from it angel! I’m loving every moment!....”

So, breathing deeply, Cassie took the plunge. First she slowly turned her back to him, swaying her hips back and forth as she shimmied out of her panties, sliding them down over her thighs to reveal her firm buttocks that just begged to be fondled. Jack sat back, gazing in amazement as he watched the lace fall lower, over her calves and down onto the floor. Cassie stepped out of them nonchalantly, turning to gaze longingly back at him over her shoulder. She caressed her curves enticingly, deliberately taking her time; acutely aware of his presence just feet away.
“Let me see you…” He growled, utterly absorbed in the very sight of her. He was desperate to touch her, feel her body against his own. Cassie felt giddy with lust for Jack and the sexual power she held in that moment, basking in his unwavering stare. As if in slow motion she turned back to face  him, unveiling her freshly shaved sweet sex in all it’s glory. His mouth fell open as he drank in the white hot transformation before him. Sure, Cassie was always impeccably groomed, but seeing her pussy completely bare was something else altogether. He was aroused by the thought of a bald pussy, privately turned on by the plentiful shaven-haven that adorned the pages of his secret porno mags…. Never in his wildest dreams had he expected his beautiful lady to surprise him with the very same!
“No! Scratch that, Cassie’s smooth juicy sex far surpassed any two dimensional model between those pages…” Jack thought to himself, feeling very much like he had won the lottery.
“What do you think?...” She asked him shyly, hoping to God that he approved.
“Wow Cass!... When?...I mean….” He stammered, lust getting the better of him, his eyes glued to the curved hollow between her thighs. “Come here darling, I need you next to me…” Jack coaxed her gently, “ I want to see every bit of you… Up close…”
Cassie willingly did as he asked, feeling a little bit self conscious under his intense gaze. Sensing her apprehension, Jack smiled reassuringly and told her genuinely “ It’s perfect… You’re perfect...So gorgeous Cassie… Mmmm, I gotta take a closer look!...”

Jack’s tongue ran over his lips invitingly, sending darts of hot desire to course through Cassie’s body, particularly her sex and she trembled with anticipation. Moving between her legs, Jack lay down on his stomach so that he was able to rest his cheek against the silky fragrant skin of her inner thigh. He admired her neat handiwork, marvelling at how smooth and bare she was until he could no longer resist her soft flesh. Jack nuzzled his face into her, his nose nudging her labia apart slightly bringing on another furious wave of tremors. He took her breath away however when he began to lick and tenderly suck upon her sensitive plump folds, rewarding her clit with wet caresses as he went. Cassie almost believed she had fireworks exploding in her head, such was the pleasure he gave her. It felt beyond good and her moans came thick and fast as he started to stroke and tease her pussy opening with his fingertips.
“Slow down...Please…” She sighed softly, already feeling an orgasm bubbling away inside her core. But Jack merely increased his efforts, smiling up at her, his dark eyes dancing.
“I’m going to make you cum Cass, cum until you soak my face…”
His deep voice, so full of intent, made Cassie’s heart and pussy somersault violently, the intensity of their love and lust making for an addictive combination. The air around the couple seemed to crackle with wanton electricity. Oh how she loved it when he talked dirty to her! Jack soon got his wish as she began to writhe around on the bed in raptures, completely at the mercy of his tongue. His eyes shone; so elated at being able to pleasure his lover the way he once did. He told her how good she tasted, just how amazing she looked and felt. Cassie glowed with sheer delight, taking the lead once more. Straddling him, she oh so slowly eased her new bald pussy down onto his rigid shaft, her pink lips wrapping themselves perfectly around his girth. Jack could only watch her, moaning deeply with longing.

Filled with confidence and driven by an overpowering sexual attraction to her husband, Cassie finally succumbed to wild abandon, rocking back and forth, her hips gyrating over and over again and her head thrown back in ecstasy. They slowly began to make love, each thrust deliberate and deep; two bodies moulded together and moving in perfect motion, each moment more intense than it’s predecessor. Desire took them both over, forcing Cassie and Jack to breaking point. They joined in unison, their shared climax surging through them in a crescendo of sensation, both smiling with joy, their eyes locked upon one another. It had been such a long time for them both since they’d shared such sweet intimacy; the only thing that mattered right then was each other…

As they lay entwined a while later,Cassie securely curled up in his arms, Jack asked her what had prompted her to go completely bare. She smiled secretively and giggled.
“Now that would be telling!... It’s my little secret but maybe one day I’ll share it with you…”
“Guess I can live with that Cass, whatever your secret is, it’s already done wonders for our love life!.. You’ve blown me away baby…”
He held her tightly in his arms, as they lay together replete.
“I’m so glad you like it too, because I don’t think I want to go back to how it used to be… I love feeling so smooth and naked down there now…”
There was a pause as they both relaxed, both feeling the fuzzy afterglow. Jack broke the quiet by clearing his throat.
“Umm Cass… This may sound a bit presumptuous but I wonder if perhaps…” He trailed off thoughtfully.
Propping herself up on her elbow she looked at him.
“Don’t be shy, you can ask me, tell me what’s on your mind?...”  Her voice was like a soft caress to Jack’s senses and he felt himself stir again.
“I’d love it if next time, you’d let me have the pleasure of shaving that sweet little pussy of yours for you?...”
He gazed back at her from beneath long dark eyelashes, hoping that he hadn’t crossed the line.
He need not have worried for Cassie rewarded him with a broad smile, her mind whirring as she imagined just how sexy that would be.
“I’d love you to do that for me gorgeous…” She breathed before tilting her head to kiss him.
Jack’s arousal soared once again and he returned her kiss passionately, unable to get enough of her or their new found intimacy.
“Are you nudging me darling?...” Cassie murmured between kisses, her eyebrows raised in surprise to which Jack nodded.
“Mmmm I’m hard for you all over again… So come here and let me see if I can blow your mind the way you did to me earlier!...”. With that he pulled her to him, the need to feel Cassie’s skin against his growing stronger by the second.
And so, Cassie became a firm convert to the ways of the Shaven Haven and to all the untold pleasures that came too. She also kept her promise to Jack, letting him shave her pussy bare before blessing her with the hottest sex yet…. But that is another story for another day…...

16 Feb 2014

A Storm is Breaking in My Heart

I slammed the door behind me with such force that the noise reverberated around the hotel room. Trying to steady myself I leant back against the door, closing my eyes, willing my erratic heart beat to slow. I didn't take long for my tears to leak from beneath my closed eyelids. Tears of anguish and hurt as I recalled your cold, harsh words. We'd planned to have a lazy day, taking a late lunch at one of the restaurants that lined the beach by our hotel. The holiday had been spur of the moment, a late booking meaning an escape for us to relax and get some well needed private time alone together. It had started off as a heated conversation that rapidly escalated into angry words between us. Maybe it was the lack of sleep, or perhaps the intense heat of the day but we were both irritable, both sniping at one another in hushed tones. Startled by your cold eyes and even icier words that cut right through me, I had reacted harshly, defensively, desperately trying to hurt my inner hurt. We had spent our days here enveloped in affection, encapsulated in our bubble of love, lust and passion, incapable of untangling ourselves from each other for more than a few moments. So this sudden shift in atmosphere and emotions was unexpected to me and had left me reeling. Our food arrived and I struggled to chew each mouthful, barely able to swallow over the lump that seemed a permanent fixture in my throat. Tension prickled between us and we ate in awkward silence, hardly looking at one another. I tried to hold your hand as we left the restaurant but you snatched your hand away, I saw red, all my restraint evaporated. You just laughed cruelly in my face as I fought angry tears, cutting words spilling from my lips trying to hurt you back, the way you hurt me.

Biting my lip I stifled a sob as I stood alone in our hotel room. I'd never intended for us to argue, to fight so bitterly. You had stared at me, your parting words cutting me the deepest, "It's over." before turning your back and walking away. I'd hesitated for a long moment, watching you walk away from me, a mixture of hurt, fear, hatred and love exploding from my chest, as if my heart ad splintered into a million fragments. Numb from the shock at how easily you could turn your back on me I staggered back to the hotel, seeking solace and privacy. Only then did I slide down the wooden door to the floor, allowing the hot, wet tears of anguish to flow freely down my cheeks. As I sat there on the floor I gazed through watery eyes around the hotel room, it was exactly as we had left it only an hour before. The bed unmade, sheets tangled and messy from our love-making that morning. The balcony doors still open, white muslin voile billowing in the breeze. I watched as my memories played in front of me like cinema film as two figures, you and I, embraced passionately on the balcony, their hands a blur as they explored and pleasured.
"It's over." kept replaying in my mind, your voice and it's sharp tones prickling and scratching as they rattled around in my head. I shuddered each time, totally overwhelmed at the situation. We were no more, you'd made certain I was aware of that, you no longer wanted me...

The room seemed to darken and getting to my feet once more I walked over to the balcony. Looking out across the beach and the sea I watched as thick black storm clouds gathered. I marveled at how quickly the weather had changed from the blistering white heat to an imminent storm brewing above. Like our love I thought to myself, shaking my head at the irony. Suddenly I felt the weight of humidity upon me, cloying, my skin slick with perspiration. I could almost touch the electric charge in the air as the storm clouds barged one another. Down below I noticed the strip of pure white sand had emptied, the sunbathers headed for the cover of the hotel bar. The sea had taken on a violet hue, the breeze had picked up blowing with it the first few drops of rain against my skin as I stood there motionless. Despite the sticky heat I shivered as the breeze caressed my bare arms and I felt my nipples harden. I swept my long hair up and away from my neck, tendrils of it sticking to my damp skin. Although consumed with deep sadness I became aware of another emotion. The air around me was thick, pressurised with the oncoming storm. I'd always felt highly aroused by thunder and lightening, finding the excitement of a storm deeply erotic. Right on cue a low rumble of thunder echoed in the distance, triggering my arousal, pushing it up a notch. Oh how I ached inside for you, your touch and a new flood of tears streamed down my face as I thought of how I was no longer yours, be intimate with you or ever again hear your voice whispering words of love in my ear. By now my fingers had embarked on their own mission as if my inner physical needs were driving them on, ignoring the heartbreaking emotions I was experiencing. Another roll of thunder sounded as my fingertips grazed my hard nipples, making me gasp softly at how good it felt. The pressure in the air around me seemed higher still and the first flash of lightening lit up the heavy sky. It was as if it's electricity coursed through me, heightening all my senses, urging my fingertips on their quest. As the breeze stroked my bare skin, I began to touch myself not caring who may have been able to see me as I stood there on the balcony. Torn between my grief and my desire to plunge my fingers deep inside me, I let my tears roll freely from my eyes. Again thunder rumbled followed by another harsh flash of lightening illuminating the sky with it's deep purple backdrop.

I moaned softly as my fingers slid under my panties, searching out the dark moistness of my pussy, the hardness of my erect clit. Closing my eyes, I began the film reel of images of us together. I imagined you there beside me, leaning in to kiss me deeply, the way only you know how. In my mind I could taste your mouth on mine, feel your lips pressing against my own, your tongue searching out mine. I shivered with desire at this thought. A sob escaped me as I remembered with a jolt that I would never feel such utter pleasure with you again. Behind my closed lids I imagined you kissing and biting my neck, pushing me back against the wall as you had done only the night before. I stroked my clit as I recalled how you had sunk to your knees before me, smiling so beautifully up at me before parting my thighs to lavish attention on my pussy.
Great heavy raindrops began to fall, soaking straight through my clothes, my hair, washing my tears from my face, only to be replaced by yet more. I could have screamed out for you at that moment such was the ache of my need and the despair at losing you. Resting my head back against the wall, I searched the sky with bloodshot eyes, pleading for an answer from the Gods. The sky was an angry turbulent soup of bruised storm clouds, purples, blacks and darkest grey muddled together. The lightening bolts were more frequent, the rain began pelting down saturating everything it touched. Between my thighs was a different wetness, hot and sticky oozing over my fingers as I thrust them inside me over and over again, all the while visions of you bombarding my senses. For each delicious memory; a stab of hurt and regret. My legs began to shake as I felt my climax build steadily from within. I could no longer hold back and my fingers quickened their pace with no resistance, sliding with ease through my juice sodden lips. I moaned loudly as my cunt started to pulse and throb. I had to steady myself in case I crumpled in a heap, legs weak and jelly-like from the undiluted pleasure and undeniable pain that seared through both my body and soul. I cried out your name there in the rain and lightening flashes, the noise of the storm almost drowning out my pleas. Reality and my surroundings began to swirl around me, almost as if the wind was tearing me away, tossing me this way and that, ripping my body away, casting me up into the atmosphere. Again your name erupted from my lips, carried up into the air as my whole body shook with tears and my impending orgasm that was about to hit.
"Yes?..." came your voice in my ear followed by your hot lips pressed against the nape of my neck. I felt strong hands propel me round, almost lifting me off the floor and I gasped in disbelief as I was snatched from the clutches of the storm and my vivid memories to be met by wonderful, familiar, warm, sexy brown eyes that held mine steadily.
"I'm so sorry baby..." you said as you swept me up in your arms and carried me inside away from the pouring rain and the violent storm.

6 Feb 2014

Kwik Thick Dicker!

The mid-summer heat seemed relentless outdoors, but inside the Pit Stop Cafe it was nothing short of oppressive. The last of the lunchtime rush had dwindled away, leaving dirty glasses and greasy plates in their wake. Anna, who waitress-ed at the Pit Stop for her sins, surveyed the chaos of messy tables around her. Frowning and plucking a stray tendril of hair that had escaped her ponytail, she swept the damp strands from her cheek and complained to herself for the hundredth time about the severe lack of air-conditioning. Picking up a discarded menu she fanned herself with it, grateful of the little breeze it afforded her. A bead of sweat slid lazily down her spine and Anna closed her eyes, seizing some brief respite from the heat. However, the dirty tables wouldn't clear themselves and she set about cleaning up. The place was deserted and she sighed at the prospect of another dull afternoon on the ‘Graveyard Shift’. She bustled around as she attempted to keep herself distracted from the imminent boredom, quickly becoming absorbed in her toil.

It was some time later that Anna slowed her pace, taking her time as she wiped the Formica clad table tops whilst gazing outside at the beautiful summer afternoon. The Pit Stop was one of many other buildings that comprised the industrial-come-business park on which she worked. The cafe overlooked a large corrugated metal structure that housed a car bodyshop and repairs garage where folks took their cars for new tyres, exhausts or a spray paint job. Anna noticed business seemed slow across there too, instead of the usual steady stream of customers and their vehicles the forecourt, workshop and mechanic’s pit looked deserted.

“OK for some...” She muttered, wishing she too was out soaking up the sunshine like everyone else seemed to be doing. Even the crowd of young apprentices who normally hung around the doors smoking were nowhere to be seen that afternoon. Swirling her cloth over her last tabletop, she glanced back over at the garage and spotted a solitary man just inside the huge sliding entrance doors. She recognized him as one of the more senior grease monkeys that worked there, a guy she had more than noticed on a few occasions. He was what Anna described as serious eye-candy, even in his grubby overalls...

As luck would have it, the man walked out into the sunshine. He was rubbing his hands on a dirty rag, his overalls undone to his waist, the arms tied in a knot there. Anna was pleased to see he was also sporting a white vest that showed off his muscular biceps and broad shoulders to a treat. It seemed her afternoon wasn't going to be so dull after all. Gazing shamelessly at the sexy young guy, she used her vantage point to it’s full potential, watching him take his break outdoors. The way in which he picked up an old metal office chair then sat down on it caused Anna’s pulse to quicken. He sat on the chair back to front, his legs straddling either side of the seat, before he rested his arms across the back of it in a casual manner. Another droplet of perspiration snaked down Anna’s back but this time she couldn't have cared less.

Truth be known, she had always had a thing for men who were good with their hands and the sight of the man pushed all the right buttons. The mere thought of his taut muscular body, clad only in oily overalls certainly had her engine revving. Had it not been for a mountainous pile of dirty dishes demanding her urgent attention, Anna could have happily sat there, watching him, for the rest of her shift.

When the last load of plates was loaded into the industrial sized dishwasher, Anna finally returned from the kitchen, that felt more like the fiery pits of hell, and helped herself to a well earned cold drink. The cafe was quiet and so she decided to go and sit out front to get some air. By this point the sexy mechanic man was hard at work under the bonnet of a car that he had driven out onto the garage forecourt, his head was out of sight but Anna got a perfect view of his long back that tapered beautifully down to meet his neat arse and long legs. The sun was high in the cloudless blue sky and was searingly hot and she pressed the iced glass to her damp forehead. There was a distant clatter of metal on concrete and she saw that he had dropped one of his tools. She watched on as he uncoiled himself from beneath the bonnet, wiping his brow with his arm as he did so before stretching. What the man did next made Anna’s mouth fall open in delighted surprise as he slowly peeled off his now grease-stained vest, revealing his naked ripped torso. The vest was flung to one side and the hot mechanic man readjusted the arms of his overalls, re-tying them so that they hung deliciously low slung on his hips. From across the car-park Anna gulped, breathless at the sight of this sexy vision in dirty overalls. From that afternoon she was hooked, finding any excuse to secretly watch and wait for him to come outside to work.

Anna was not disappointed, for the long heatwave seemed never ending, meaning that Gorgeous Grease Monkey chose to fix cars in the sun rather than in the garage. Her shifts at the Pit Stop seemed to fly by and she was always eager for her break to come so that she could assume her seat out front and gaze longingly across at the oil coated Adonis. She grew hotter for him with each afternoon that passed, drinking in the sight of him as he rolled in and out from underneath whatever vehicle he was working on, as he wiped the sweat from his perfect glistening abs with his vest or flexing well-defined muscles as he carried heavy duty tools out to the yard. Then later, when she returned home, Anna would indulge further still, bringing the images she had stored in her mind of him working that day alive in her private fantasies. Alone in her flat, lying on her bed or whilst in the shower, she simply closed her eyes and he would appear, her hands became his calloused hands as she caressed and toyed with her nipples, her fingers were his when they slid down over her stomach, her hips then between her thighs. It was he who made her arch her back in pleasure when those fingers parted her pink swollen folds to dip inside the honey stickiness that pooled there....

At night, Anna’s dreams were invaded by images of the dark haired object of her desire, his hard tanned body always so painfully close to hers but always out of her reach. She yearned to realise the sensation of him moulded against her and she longed with a white hot passion to have him drive deep inside her. She woke each morning feeling restless and irritable, both at the realisation that she had only been dreaming again, that the shuddering climax she’d experienced in the night was by her own hand, not his and most frustratingly of all that she did not have the bottle to even approach the guy who had her all churned up inside.

Two weeks later, the long spell of hot weather broke and gave way to thunderstorms and torrential rain. Anna was in her car driving over to the Pit Stop for her shift, windscreen wipers going full pelt against the deluge. Suddenly there was a loud bang that made Anna jump out of her skin and then the car began juddering along the road.

“Oh fucking great!” She cursed, her heart sinking as she pulled over to the kurb, knowing full well she had a blown tyre. Braving the rain she clambered out of the car to check what the damage was. Sure enough, one of her front tyres was not only flat but was shredded into rubbery flaps that lay forlornly on the tarmac. Already half soaked she got back in the car and slammed her fists against the steering wheel, closing her eyes in consternation.

“Why me? Why today?” Anna grimaced. Wasn't that just perfect, torrential rain and a burst tyre, would the day get any worse?...

She decided her only option was to continue her journey to work and try to drive the car to safety at least. There was no way she was going to walk the rest of the way and be not only late for work but drenched to the skin too. By the time the car had limped the rest of the way to the Pit Stop she was in a foul mood. Anna was grateful when her boss told her to go get her tyre sorted and while she was at it to sort out her mood. Standing at the cafe’s front doors she looked across at the garage and guessed she didn't have many other options. Carefully she drove the car across to the garage, trepidation taking over her annoyance. Wasn't this the perfect reason for going there? However, after all those torrid fantasies Anna had engaged in with Mr Sex on Legs, she felt anxious about actually coming face to face with the man himself. No matter, she had to do this. So, getting out of her car she gingerly made her way to the big sliding garage doors. The rain must have caused a lull in trade as the workshop was deserted as far as she could ascertain.

“Hello?” Anna called out hesitantly and then again when there came no reply. She walked with some uncertainty deeper into the garage, past the pit and towards the office. It too was empty so she carried on further until she reached rows of tyres, stacked in towers up to the roof.

“Excuse me? Hello?” She called again, about ready to call it a day and retreat from her very masculine surroundings.

“Hello.” A deep voice spoke from behind her and Anna balked in surprise. She hadn't heard anybody approaching. Spinning round she came face to face with a olive skinned face with two dark eyes, accompanied by a roguish smile...

“Oh! Erm.. God you startled me!...” Anna stammered, feeling her cheeks begin to burn as the penny dropped - it was none other than the hot guy she had shamelessly obsessed over for days! There was a long pause before the man replied, the rain seemed almost deafening as it drummed against the metal roof above them.

“Can I help you with something?” He finally said, but not before his eyes had danced all over her approvingly. Normally Anna would have bristled at this blatant eyeballing but all logical thought had escaped her. She just looked back at him, barely aware that her breathing was fast and shallow not to mention that her thin work dress was practically see-through from her earlier soaking.

“Yeah...ummmm, well....” She managed to croak, unable to drag her eyes away from his intense gaze. He raised an eyebrow in amusement, stepping close enough towards Anna so that she could smell him; a heady scent of oil and soap and sweat. She licked her lips subconsciously, his close proximity made her head swim and her groin burn with lust.

“What do you need... Miss?...”

“Anna.... Well.... My tyre blew out and....”

“I see. Well, we have plenty of tyres here....”

He gestured behind him with an outstretched hand and Anna stared at it, the memory of the pleasure that same hand had given her in her dreams returning to her mind like a bolt out of the blue.. Her breath caught in her throat and she looked down, only then noticing how wet her work dress was and how visible her bra-less breasts were underneath. The man followed Anna’s gaze and he smiled wolfishly.

“I can definitely sort you out Anna...”

Her head snapped back up and she caught him openly appraising her once more, there was no mistaking the raw want in his expression.

“Come with me... I’ll show you what you need...”

He grabbed Anna’s hand and pulled her forcefully along behind him towards the seemingly endless towers of tyres ahead. He led her down one of the long and dimly lit rows towards the back of the garage.

“So Anna... “ He murmured softly as he spun her round and pressed her back against the wall of rubber. Anna could hardly breath as the sexy mechanic man stepped right up to her. The rain pelted the metal roof louder still yet she wondered briefly if he could hear her heart hammering away in her chest. She breathed in his musky oily scent and moaned quietly. He hadn't even touched her yet Anna felt like her knees were about to buckle and she was certain that her intimate arousal was just seconds away from bursting it’s damn and streaming down her quivering thighs.

“See anything you want?.... “ He growled in her ear, sending electric shocks out over her skin.

“Mmmm... Yes...” Came her hoarse reply. Was this really happening or would she wake up in frustrated arousal yet again?

“Really? Now, would that be tyres or something else perhaps?...”

She met his gaze once more, his eyes appeared black and they twinkled at her in the gloom. Anna looked at him curiously, wondering what he meant by something else...

“I think a thorough service is required here...” He chuckled, the sound making Anna’s insides turn to liquid instantly. His hands tugged at her hips and he began warming to his theme.

“Yes... I need to take a good look under the bonnet too... “ With this his hands flew up to her head, fingers twisting her hair, bringing her face to his. When his lips brushed against hers, Anna responded fiercely, this was no dream, this was real alright. Her tongue danced and slid over his, their mouths locked in a battle as they kissed frantically. His fingers let go of her hair and seemed to travel all over body with lightening speed and precision, unzipping her dress, pushing it over her shoulders and down to the floor in seconds. He muttered his appreciation as his eyes then his hands began their examination of her round firm breasts, teasing and plucking her nipples with a delicious force. Anna was beside herself with wanton lust and she pushed her chest out for him, begging him with her eyes.

“Yeah... I see the problem...” He grinned up at her as he lowered his head to take first one nipple then the other between his teeth, nipping then licking at them causing Anna to shake with pleasure. Her hand shot out towards the knotted arms of his overalls, pulling his white vest free.

“Yes.... That needs to go...” She said in a voice that she barely recognised as her own.

He simply nodded, pulling the offending item of clothing up over his head and threw it down next to her already discarded work dress. Anna’s fingers flew to his chest, dancing over the hard ripped muscles, moaning as she did so, so aware that she had dreamt and fantasized about doing just that so many times. Meanwhile the guy eased her back against the wall of tyres and pressed himself against her hungrily. With only her flimsy thong remaining, Anna could feel his unmistakable hardness beneath his oily overalls and without another thought her fingers sought out the knot that held them up. Freeing his engorged member she greedily grasped at it, sliding her hand along it’s substantial length, her fingers barely encircling his thickened rod. It was then his turn to shudder and groan and Anna seized upon this display of desire from him, reaching to stroke and gentle tug at his tightening balls. The tip of his cock leaked profusely with every stroke of her hand and she used his pre-cum to lubricate his stiff shaft.

He pulled away sharply then but before Anna could argue she watched on breathlessly as he sank to his knees before her. He parted her legs with ease, she could not have resisted even if she had wanted to, which at that moment, she most certainly did not. Tearing her thong from her, he slipped his agile tongue between her wet lips and began an assault so skillful upon her throbbing clitoris, licking, sucking and nibbling on it until she had to shove her fist in her mouth to stop herself from wailing. She tugged at his hair, wanting both to rub her pussy in his face but at the same time to push him away from her, for what he was doing to her with his mouth was almost too much to take. When he slid his fingers up inside her it was Anna’s undoing. Her head swam, white lights blinded her eyes and a pleasure so fierce took hold of her. She was prisoner to his ministrations that were as relentless as the driving rain and thunder outside, he did not stop until he had pushed her to the most excruciating and mind blowing orgasm she had ever known.....

Her body limp and damp from his expert attention, Anna was putty in the man’s hands. He lifted her up so that she was able to wrap her legs around his now naked hips, her sex completely at the mercy of what he was about to do next.

“Mmmm.... Anna, I need to service that tight pussy of yours.... “ The object of her desire whispered to her, his tongue pressed against her neck, snaking its way up to her ear before biting her lobe. As his swollen cock tip prodded against her opening her up to him, he groaned in her ear, telling her just how good he was going to work on her. Anna simply cried out softly.

“Fuck me.... Fuck me now!...”

With one vicious upward thrust he speared Anna onto his achingly hard member. She felt herself go weak with desire, clinging onto his solid frame as he began to fuck her soundly up against the towering piles of tyres. Her pussy wrapped itself snugly around his entirety, welcoming him in as deep as he could go, over and over again. Their bodies became slick with sweat from the thundery atmosphere and their sexual exertion, Anna’s breasts slid across his chest, her nipples now so wonderfully erect that each time their skin connected she felt ripples of another climax approaching. In turn her sex held onto his throbbing cock tighter still and he began to moan, feeling his own cum forging its way to freedom.

As Anna began to spasm for the second time, she bit down on his shoulder to stifle her cries. Her writhing body spurred the man’s own climactic response and they both began free-falling, jerking and shaking with every clench of pussy and jerk of cock....

Moments later, the sexy mechanic set Anna back down again, making sure her legs didn't fold beneath her. Once she had shimmied herself back into her work dress she turned and grinned at the man.

“So then, what were you saying about a tyre for my car?”

He laughed at this as he re-tied his overalls round his waist once more. To Anna’s delight he left his vest off, allowing her to take another long lustful look at that Adonis body.

“Of course, leave your car with me and I’ll get it up on the ramp. It’ll be ready for when you finish your shift, OK?”

She frowned, wondering how he knew what time she finished work at the Pit Stop... He winked and grinned knowingly back at her.

“I’ll be back later then! Oh, how much will I owe you erm....” Anna trailed off.

“It’s James by the way... No charge Anna, on the house service for a valued customer!...”

With that he chuckled and went off in search of a new tyre amongst the rows.

Smiling broadly Anna headed back to work, feeling as if she were floating.She noticed the rain had departed and the sunshine was making a comeback. She could hardly wait for her shift to end. She had already made a mental list of work that needed doing and not just to her car!

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