16 Feb 2014

A Storm is Breaking in My Heart

I slammed the door behind me with such force that the noise reverberated around the hotel room. Trying to steady myself I leant back against the door, closing my eyes, willing my erratic heart beat to slow. I didn't take long for my tears to leak from beneath my closed eyelids. Tears of anguish and hurt as I recalled your cold, harsh words. We'd planned to have a lazy day, taking a late lunch at one of the restaurants that lined the beach by our hotel. The holiday had been spur of the moment, a late booking meaning an escape for us to relax and get some well needed private time alone together. It had started off as a heated conversation that rapidly escalated into angry words between us. Maybe it was the lack of sleep, or perhaps the intense heat of the day but we were both irritable, both sniping at one another in hushed tones. Startled by your cold eyes and even icier words that cut right through me, I had reacted harshly, defensively, desperately trying to hurt my inner hurt. We had spent our days here enveloped in affection, encapsulated in our bubble of love, lust and passion, incapable of untangling ourselves from each other for more than a few moments. So this sudden shift in atmosphere and emotions was unexpected to me and had left me reeling. Our food arrived and I struggled to chew each mouthful, barely able to swallow over the lump that seemed a permanent fixture in my throat. Tension prickled between us and we ate in awkward silence, hardly looking at one another. I tried to hold your hand as we left the restaurant but you snatched your hand away, I saw red, all my restraint evaporated. You just laughed cruelly in my face as I fought angry tears, cutting words spilling from my lips trying to hurt you back, the way you hurt me.

Biting my lip I stifled a sob as I stood alone in our hotel room. I'd never intended for us to argue, to fight so bitterly. You had stared at me, your parting words cutting me the deepest, "It's over." before turning your back and walking away. I'd hesitated for a long moment, watching you walk away from me, a mixture of hurt, fear, hatred and love exploding from my chest, as if my heart ad splintered into a million fragments. Numb from the shock at how easily you could turn your back on me I staggered back to the hotel, seeking solace and privacy. Only then did I slide down the wooden door to the floor, allowing the hot, wet tears of anguish to flow freely down my cheeks. As I sat there on the floor I gazed through watery eyes around the hotel room, it was exactly as we had left it only an hour before. The bed unmade, sheets tangled and messy from our love-making that morning. The balcony doors still open, white muslin voile billowing in the breeze. I watched as my memories played in front of me like cinema film as two figures, you and I, embraced passionately on the balcony, their hands a blur as they explored and pleasured.
"It's over." kept replaying in my mind, your voice and it's sharp tones prickling and scratching as they rattled around in my head. I shuddered each time, totally overwhelmed at the situation. We were no more, you'd made certain I was aware of that, you no longer wanted me...

The room seemed to darken and getting to my feet once more I walked over to the balcony. Looking out across the beach and the sea I watched as thick black storm clouds gathered. I marveled at how quickly the weather had changed from the blistering white heat to an imminent storm brewing above. Like our love I thought to myself, shaking my head at the irony. Suddenly I felt the weight of humidity upon me, cloying, my skin slick with perspiration. I could almost touch the electric charge in the air as the storm clouds barged one another. Down below I noticed the strip of pure white sand had emptied, the sunbathers headed for the cover of the hotel bar. The sea had taken on a violet hue, the breeze had picked up blowing with it the first few drops of rain against my skin as I stood there motionless. Despite the sticky heat I shivered as the breeze caressed my bare arms and I felt my nipples harden. I swept my long hair up and away from my neck, tendrils of it sticking to my damp skin. Although consumed with deep sadness I became aware of another emotion. The air around me was thick, pressurised with the oncoming storm. I'd always felt highly aroused by thunder and lightening, finding the excitement of a storm deeply erotic. Right on cue a low rumble of thunder echoed in the distance, triggering my arousal, pushing it up a notch. Oh how I ached inside for you, your touch and a new flood of tears streamed down my face as I thought of how I was no longer yours, be intimate with you or ever again hear your voice whispering words of love in my ear. By now my fingers had embarked on their own mission as if my inner physical needs were driving them on, ignoring the heartbreaking emotions I was experiencing. Another roll of thunder sounded as my fingertips grazed my hard nipples, making me gasp softly at how good it felt. The pressure in the air around me seemed higher still and the first flash of lightening lit up the heavy sky. It was as if it's electricity coursed through me, heightening all my senses, urging my fingertips on their quest. As the breeze stroked my bare skin, I began to touch myself not caring who may have been able to see me as I stood there on the balcony. Torn between my grief and my desire to plunge my fingers deep inside me, I let my tears roll freely from my eyes. Again thunder rumbled followed by another harsh flash of lightening illuminating the sky with it's deep purple backdrop.

I moaned softly as my fingers slid under my panties, searching out the dark moistness of my pussy, the hardness of my erect clit. Closing my eyes, I began the film reel of images of us together. I imagined you there beside me, leaning in to kiss me deeply, the way only you know how. In my mind I could taste your mouth on mine, feel your lips pressing against my own, your tongue searching out mine. I shivered with desire at this thought. A sob escaped me as I remembered with a jolt that I would never feel such utter pleasure with you again. Behind my closed lids I imagined you kissing and biting my neck, pushing me back against the wall as you had done only the night before. I stroked my clit as I recalled how you had sunk to your knees before me, smiling so beautifully up at me before parting my thighs to lavish attention on my pussy.
Great heavy raindrops began to fall, soaking straight through my clothes, my hair, washing my tears from my face, only to be replaced by yet more. I could have screamed out for you at that moment such was the ache of my need and the despair at losing you. Resting my head back against the wall, I searched the sky with bloodshot eyes, pleading for an answer from the Gods. The sky was an angry turbulent soup of bruised storm clouds, purples, blacks and darkest grey muddled together. The lightening bolts were more frequent, the rain began pelting down saturating everything it touched. Between my thighs was a different wetness, hot and sticky oozing over my fingers as I thrust them inside me over and over again, all the while visions of you bombarding my senses. For each delicious memory; a stab of hurt and regret. My legs began to shake as I felt my climax build steadily from within. I could no longer hold back and my fingers quickened their pace with no resistance, sliding with ease through my juice sodden lips. I moaned loudly as my cunt started to pulse and throb. I had to steady myself in case I crumpled in a heap, legs weak and jelly-like from the undiluted pleasure and undeniable pain that seared through both my body and soul. I cried out your name there in the rain and lightening flashes, the noise of the storm almost drowning out my pleas. Reality and my surroundings began to swirl around me, almost as if the wind was tearing me away, tossing me this way and that, ripping my body away, casting me up into the atmosphere. Again your name erupted from my lips, carried up into the air as my whole body shook with tears and my impending orgasm that was about to hit.
"Yes?..." came your voice in my ear followed by your hot lips pressed against the nape of my neck. I felt strong hands propel me round, almost lifting me off the floor and I gasped in disbelief as I was snatched from the clutches of the storm and my vivid memories to be met by wonderful, familiar, warm, sexy brown eyes that held mine steadily.
"I'm so sorry baby..." you said as you swept me up in your arms and carried me inside away from the pouring rain and the violent storm.

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