28 Feb 2014

Hairless Wonder

It had never crossed her mind before; the whole “hair or bare” subject. After all, pubic hair was not a big deal to Cassie. Well, not until recently that is! The conversation cropped up one evening at the gym, after a well earned post-workout sauna. one of close friends Rachel was complaining about how painful it had been getting a bikini wax the day before.
“I don’t know why you put yourself through all that!” Cassie had laughed, no way would she pay to be tortured by a wax-happy beautician!
“It’s actually worth it in the end, my fella loves it anyway!” They’d all cackled with laughter at Rachel’s retort.
Then Cassie remarked “So is it just a Brazilian you have then Rach?”
“Oh no, I go the whole hog! Bare all over me!”
Cassie couldn’t imagine being completely hairless down there, it seemed alien to her. Still, each to their own. She kept herself neatly trimmed and that would do just fine, thank you very much. She couldn’t envisage her privates resembling a plucked turkey, that’s for sure. Later that evening, whilst eating dinner, Cassie mentioned the whole “Pubic Hair Debacle” to her her husband Jack, laughing as she described what Rachel had had to endure. To her surprise, Jack casually said he was rather in favour of the smooth look, remarking that he thought it looked feminine. Judging by the way he shifted in his chair Cassie could tell he found the topic of conversation arousing.

A few weeks later, Cassie was cleaning upstairs, furiously dusting and spring-cleaning. It was as she was sorting out the airing cupboard in the bathroom that she stumbled on a stash of carefully concealed porn magazines. Tucked away right at the back, under a pile of towels, they would have remained undiscovered had she not been ruthlessly tidying in there. Feeling a little shocked and slightly irked at Jack for feeling he had to hide the mags from her, she proceeded to pull the pile of glossy magazines out. Sitting on the edge of the bath, she stared down at them in her lap, not entirely sure where to look first. Curiosity soon got the better of her. She was far from against pornography; in the past she had often enjoyed watching a blue movie with Jack, which always resulted in some hot love-making. Gazing at the covers in front of her, she looked at the array of semi to fully naked young models, all striking various poses. Venturing onwards, she began to leaf through the pages slowly, soon engrossed with the sexy photographs before reading some of the stories sent in by the readers. It wasn’t long before Cassie felt hot and flustered, not to mention rather wet. She contemplated putting the magazines back where she had found them…

Then she had a much better idea. Moving into the bedroom, she lay down on the bed, picking up one of the mags as she settled back. She licked her lips at the sight of so many smooth juicy pussies and firm sets of breasts between the pages, her hand wandering down the front of her trousers and under her panties. Cassie was amazed at how moist she had become as sticky juices leaked from her, lubricating her clit nicely for her to stroke at. Within minutes Cassie felt herself begin to twitch and she knew she was going to cum… And cum she did, leaving her panting and perspiring, yet very satisfied. She hadn’t played with herself for such a long time, she could barely remember the last time. Sex wasn’t as high up on the list of priorities as it used to be, although that said, she still really enjoyed having fun with Jack. On the other hand, it made her aware of how she had let things slide in the bedroom department of late. Things were comfortable between Cassie and Jack and very affectionate, yet she could see it was starting to lack excitement too. After taking a shower, Cassie slid the magazines back in their hiding place, feeling undeniably naughty and perhaps a little guilty at her behaviour. However, it didn’t stop her from sneaking them back out again whenever she got the chance, rediscovering her desires in a big way. After much studying of the dozens of naked, spread-eagled girls, she couldn’t help but notice that the majority of them were shaved and totally bare. Far from being repulsed, Cassie found herself getting aroused as she imagined how smooth they must feel, how pronounced their plump lips were and how their clits were free from a covering of hair. “Much easier to get at… Tastier too I bet…” She murmured to herself one afternoon as her fingers busied themselves dipping in and out of her soaked opening. She wondered if Jack got off on these photos of bare pussy too.

Cassie got to thinking about trying it out for herself. However, she couldn’t face the thought of baring all and being waxed within an inch of her life, not to mention the discomfort either. Instead she decided she would take a chance and shave instead, buying an expensive razor especially for the occasion. Despite feeling rather nervous she cast away her doubts.
“What the hell, it can always grow back!”
Settling for a compromise, she left a narrow landing strip intact, taking great care with the razor as she neatly shaped the remaining hair, making sure she got rid of any strays from her labia. Admiring her handiwork in the full length bathroom mirror, she was pleased with the way her pussy looked; her pink fleshy folds now bare and enhanced further still by the sheen of arousal that made her skin glisten.
“Wonder what Jack will make of this…” Cassie smiled broadly as she looked forward to surprising him later that evening.
Unfortunately, Jack returned home from work with a thumping headache and was visibly worn out after a stressful day. Hiding her disappointment, she consoled herself with a little self indulgence when he’d fallen asleep. Creeping downstairs with a magazine under her arm, she felt deliciously mischievous. Jack may have been too tired, but surely that didn’t mean she couldn’t still play around? Besides, she always slept much more soundly when satisfied from a nice strong orgasm.

The following week, Cassie bit the bullet and took the rest off, tentatively running the razor’s blade over her mound, carefully shaving her labia and between her thighs until she was once more satisfied with the results. She smothered a generous amount of cocoa butter all over her freshly shaved skin to sooth it. She couldn’t help but gawp at her reflection in the bedroom mirror. It looked so different down there and at first she had a fleeting moment of panic; hoping that she hadn’t gone too far. The proof that she’d made the right choice came later that night when she and Jack were cuddled up together on the sofa. They’d shared a really nice Chinese takeaway and were on their second bottle of Merlot; the mood both relaxed and tactile. Cassie boldly took the initiative, something that, if she was honest, didn’t happen that often. She felt empowered by Jack’s pleasantly surprised expression. He was overjoyed at being on the receiving end of her advances and they lay kissing for a long time, both enjoying the intimacy. She smiled as Jack stroked her breasts, his hand snaking it’s way up under her t-shirt. He could still make her hot as hell! She sat up and responded by peeling off her top so that her tits were on full display for him. Her husband growled in appreciation, blissfully happy at the unexpected turn of events. She looked such a fox, the new found confidence increasing her sex-appeal tenfold. His cock was already hard and eager to get in on the action. Cassie stood up and held out her hand for him to take.
“Let’s go upstairs baby…” She purred, already stripped down to her carefully chosen lace underwear that concealed the biggest surprise of the evening. Not needing to be asked twice, Jack followed her eagerly upstairs, sneaking looks up at the rounded curves of her arse and her slim waist as she went before him, totally unabashed.
“God, she’s still so damn sexy…” He thought to himself happily.

Cassie undressed Jack slowly, taking her time to discard his clothes between deep lingering kisses before asking him to lie back on their bed in a soft husky voice.
“I want to pleasure you with these…” She traced a finger over her full lips, flicking her tongue over it seductively which caused him to sigh with desire. It pleased her immensely to see his thick hard erection bobbing and twitching as it vied for her attention and she lavished him with such treats, wishing that she had used her initiative sooner.
“I’ve missed you doing that so much sweetheart…” Jack groaned as she sank her head down into his lap enveloping him with her mouth, at the same time realising just how much she’d missed it too.
Jack asked for a breather after a while, not wanting to spoil anything between them by cumming too soon. Cassie’s moment had arrived at last.
“I have a little present for you Jack…” She smiled sexily, delighted at the way his face lit up with pleasure.
“Another? My God Cass! What’s got into you?...” He grinned back at his wife, punch-drunk on the desire he felt for her.
“You’re not complaining are you baby?...” She teased him playfully, standing before him, hands resting on her hips.
Shaking his head vigorously, he replied “ Far from it angel! I’m loving every moment!....”

So, breathing deeply, Cassie took the plunge. First she slowly turned her back to him, swaying her hips back and forth as she shimmied out of her panties, sliding them down over her thighs to reveal her firm buttocks that just begged to be fondled. Jack sat back, gazing in amazement as he watched the lace fall lower, over her calves and down onto the floor. Cassie stepped out of them nonchalantly, turning to gaze longingly back at him over her shoulder. She caressed her curves enticingly, deliberately taking her time; acutely aware of his presence just feet away.
“Let me see you…” He growled, utterly absorbed in the very sight of her. He was desperate to touch her, feel her body against his own. Cassie felt giddy with lust for Jack and the sexual power she held in that moment, basking in his unwavering stare. As if in slow motion she turned back to face  him, unveiling her freshly shaved sweet sex in all it’s glory. His mouth fell open as he drank in the white hot transformation before him. Sure, Cassie was always impeccably groomed, but seeing her pussy completely bare was something else altogether. He was aroused by the thought of a bald pussy, privately turned on by the plentiful shaven-haven that adorned the pages of his secret porno mags…. Never in his wildest dreams had he expected his beautiful lady to surprise him with the very same!
“No! Scratch that, Cassie’s smooth juicy sex far surpassed any two dimensional model between those pages…” Jack thought to himself, feeling very much like he had won the lottery.
“What do you think?...” She asked him shyly, hoping to God that he approved.
“Wow Cass!... When?...I mean….” He stammered, lust getting the better of him, his eyes glued to the curved hollow between her thighs. “Come here darling, I need you next to me…” Jack coaxed her gently, “ I want to see every bit of you… Up close…”
Cassie willingly did as he asked, feeling a little bit self conscious under his intense gaze. Sensing her apprehension, Jack smiled reassuringly and told her genuinely “ It’s perfect… You’re perfect...So gorgeous Cassie… Mmmm, I gotta take a closer look!...”

Jack’s tongue ran over his lips invitingly, sending darts of hot desire to course through Cassie’s body, particularly her sex and she trembled with anticipation. Moving between her legs, Jack lay down on his stomach so that he was able to rest his cheek against the silky fragrant skin of her inner thigh. He admired her neat handiwork, marvelling at how smooth and bare she was until he could no longer resist her soft flesh. Jack nuzzled his face into her, his nose nudging her labia apart slightly bringing on another furious wave of tremors. He took her breath away however when he began to lick and tenderly suck upon her sensitive plump folds, rewarding her clit with wet caresses as he went. Cassie almost believed she had fireworks exploding in her head, such was the pleasure he gave her. It felt beyond good and her moans came thick and fast as he started to stroke and tease her pussy opening with his fingertips.
“Slow down...Please…” She sighed softly, already feeling an orgasm bubbling away inside her core. But Jack merely increased his efforts, smiling up at her, his dark eyes dancing.
“I’m going to make you cum Cass, cum until you soak my face…”
His deep voice, so full of intent, made Cassie’s heart and pussy somersault violently, the intensity of their love and lust making for an addictive combination. The air around the couple seemed to crackle with wanton electricity. Oh how she loved it when he talked dirty to her! Jack soon got his wish as she began to writhe around on the bed in raptures, completely at the mercy of his tongue. His eyes shone; so elated at being able to pleasure his lover the way he once did. He told her how good she tasted, just how amazing she looked and felt. Cassie glowed with sheer delight, taking the lead once more. Straddling him, she oh so slowly eased her new bald pussy down onto his rigid shaft, her pink lips wrapping themselves perfectly around his girth. Jack could only watch her, moaning deeply with longing.

Filled with confidence and driven by an overpowering sexual attraction to her husband, Cassie finally succumbed to wild abandon, rocking back and forth, her hips gyrating over and over again and her head thrown back in ecstasy. They slowly began to make love, each thrust deliberate and deep; two bodies moulded together and moving in perfect motion, each moment more intense than it’s predecessor. Desire took them both over, forcing Cassie and Jack to breaking point. They joined in unison, their shared climax surging through them in a crescendo of sensation, both smiling with joy, their eyes locked upon one another. It had been such a long time for them both since they’d shared such sweet intimacy; the only thing that mattered right then was each other…

As they lay entwined a while later,Cassie securely curled up in his arms, Jack asked her what had prompted her to go completely bare. She smiled secretively and giggled.
“Now that would be telling!... It’s my little secret but maybe one day I’ll share it with you…”
“Guess I can live with that Cass, whatever your secret is, it’s already done wonders for our love life!.. You’ve blown me away baby…”
He held her tightly in his arms, as they lay together replete.
“I’m so glad you like it too, because I don’t think I want to go back to how it used to be… I love feeling so smooth and naked down there now…”
There was a pause as they both relaxed, both feeling the fuzzy afterglow. Jack broke the quiet by clearing his throat.
“Umm Cass… This may sound a bit presumptuous but I wonder if perhaps…” He trailed off thoughtfully.
Propping herself up on her elbow she looked at him.
“Don’t be shy, you can ask me, tell me what’s on your mind?...”  Her voice was like a soft caress to Jack’s senses and he felt himself stir again.
“I’d love it if next time, you’d let me have the pleasure of shaving that sweet little pussy of yours for you?...”
He gazed back at her from beneath long dark eyelashes, hoping that he hadn’t crossed the line.
He need not have worried for Cassie rewarded him with a broad smile, her mind whirring as she imagined just how sexy that would be.
“I’d love you to do that for me gorgeous…” She breathed before tilting her head to kiss him.
Jack’s arousal soared once again and he returned her kiss passionately, unable to get enough of her or their new found intimacy.
“Are you nudging me darling?...” Cassie murmured between kisses, her eyebrows raised in surprise to which Jack nodded.
“Mmmm I’m hard for you all over again… So come here and let me see if I can blow your mind the way you did to me earlier!...”. With that he pulled her to him, the need to feel Cassie’s skin against his growing stronger by the second.
And so, Cassie became a firm convert to the ways of the Shaven Haven and to all the untold pleasures that came too. She also kept her promise to Jack, letting him shave her pussy bare before blessing her with the hottest sex yet…. But that is another story for another day…...

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