6 Feb 2011

Jim'll Fix Her!

The dripping noise that came from the kitchen tap downstairs was as close to Chinese Water Torture as Ruby could imagine. Hour after hour it kept her awake and by the third night of being subjected to the incessant sound, she started to feel somewhat cranky. Try as she might, she just couldn’t switch off and get some much needed sleep.

It was no good; she hadn’t a clue when it came to DIY or home repairs. Hardly suprising considering she was a self-confessed pampered princess. Her husband was away on some business trip or other so it was pointless expecting him to fix the problem.
“Nothing out of the ordinary there then…” She frowned to herself in the darkness. He was very rarely home, seemingly more married to his company than to Ruby. Whilst she undoubtedly reaped the benefits of his labour, she lacked his company for weeks on end.
Ruby had learnt to accept his frequent absence over time, consoling herself with the free reign she had on her very own platinum Amex card. However, she couldn’t help but think that she was fast becoming the epitome of the “Bored Housewife” in many ways…

She would have to call in a plumber to mend the leaky tap and more importantly, save her from acute sleep deprivation induced insanity. She did not relish the thought of trawling through the Yellow Pages trying to find a reputable organisation. She could already envisage some complete cow-boy coming out who would either rip her off or make a complete mess of her waterworks. It was after much deliberation on the matter that she recalled a friend recommending a company to her, one who specialised in all manner of repairs and household jobs. She resolved there and then to ring them as soon as was humanly possible to arrange for a plumber to put her out of her misery and to mend that damned tap…

She awoke from an unsettled slumber the next morning and only after padding downstairs and fixing her first latte of the day did she begin to feel more human. Heading into the plush study-cum-office, Ruby went through the piles of papers and business cards that sat on the solid mahogany desk. After sifting through the majority of them she came across the crisp white business card she was after. She decided that as soon as she had showered and dressed she would call them. Ruby sat for a while in the high-backed leather chair that resided at her husband’s desk. It always made her feel powerful, like a statesman or more bizarrely an infamous mafia overlord. She chuckled at the thought,
“Meanwhile, back in the real world!...”  She spoke aloud as she gazed out of the French windows at the garden and it’s manicured lawns. It was set to be a lovely sunny day. She couldn’t help but think wistfully how nice it would have been to have her husband grace her with his presence so they could enjoy the garden together. She didn’t allow the thought to linger for long; instead she headed back up the wide staircase to the ensuite bathroom to take an invigorating shower which did wonders to clear her head.

Once dressed she got straight on the case, calling the repair company with her fingers tightly crossed in the hope they would send someone over the same day. The woman who answered the call was polite and efficient and much to Ruby’s relief arranged a call out for later that day. The quote was a little steep but she was more than happy to pay through the nose if it meant she got a good night’s rest. Having sorted the call out she ran a few errands, met a friend for a light lunch, then returned to the house in time to meet the repair man, whose name she had been advised over the phone, would be James.
As the forecast had predicted, the day was gloriously sunny and Ruby made the most of it by stretching out on one of her custom made loungers on the expansive sun terrace. The feel of the warm sunshine on her bare arms and legs coupled with the tranquillity of her gardens, gently lulled her into a light slumber.

She woke with a start at the booming sound of someone’s voice. Blinking, she saw a stocky young man looking down at her and she sat upright with a jolt.
“I’m here to fix your taps.” He stated in a matter of fact tone. “Tried the doorbell but didn’t get any answer so I let myself in through the side door.”
Ruby cleared her throat and smoothed a hand over her hair, composing herself and trying to disguise her irritation at his boldness. She also wondered how long he had been standing there for and this made her bristle.
“James I take it?” She retorted, far from appreciative of his brusque manner.
“Jamie actually.” He corrected her, “What’s the issue with your pipe work then?”
He picked up his heavy metal toolbox with one hand, his other hand resting on his hip casually.
“If I knew what the issue was I wouldn’t have had to call you out, would I?” Ruby snapped, instantly disliking James, or Jamie, or whatever the hell he liked to be called.
He raised an eyebrow cockily at her and she made a mental note to call the company to complain about the man’s attitude. She stood up, straightening her skirt as she replied
“You’d better come inside and take a look for yourself.”
He didn’t reply, merely nodding curtly before following her into the house, through to the kitchen and of course to the offending tap. As he set his toolbox down, Ruby was struck by how boyishly good-looking James…no, Jamie, was which only served to irk her further. She was in no mood to be given attitude by someone who appeared to have barely left school!

“Is that it?” He scoffed as she began explaining her quandary.
“What do you mean – is that it?” she fumed, “I’ll have you know that that tap has been driving me crazy, dripping away all bloody night!...” she ranted at his flippancy.
Jamie raised his hands in mock surrender, “Ok, ok, only asking! Mind you, you’re pretty hot when you’re angry!” He interrupted her, wearing the most irritating grin on his handsome face, a grin that Ruby could have happily slapped right off for him.
“And you couldn’t have fixed this all by yourself?” he continued, mocking her.
Utterly outraged, she frowned harder still to which he laughed loudly, shaking his head.
“Oh, don’t take on so!” he added whilst Ruby fought the urge to tell him exactly what she thought of him.
Before she had the chance however, he turned his back on her, opening the toolbox in front of him and rifling through it’s contents. Flummoxed by this cock-sure young man and the way in which he had spoken to her Ruby just stood glowering at him, or the back of his head at least.
“Could murder a cuppa if you’re putting the kettle on?” he quipped over his shoulder.
“I could murder you…” she muttered under her breath, but nevertheless she reached for a mug in which to make him a drink. At that point she realised she needed to fill the kettle but by now Jamie had his head and shoulders buried in the cupboard under the sink.
Gingerly she stepped over his outstretched legs as she tried to navigate her way to the tap.
“Excuse me.” She said but he must not have heard her and no response came.
Ruby felt awkward and was cross at herself for doing so. She cleared her throat loudly and was about to speak again when he withdrew from the cupboard. He had a quizzical expression on his face that soon gave way to what she could only describe as playful. He looked at her for longer than was necessary, his pale blue-grey eyes roam upwards over her body in a suggestive manner that caused her to flush.
“Can I get to the sink please?” she scowled back at him.
“Be my guest Madam.” He smiled at her, licking his lips as he did so. Ruby didn’t know where to put herself. Here she was, alone with the plumber from hell, yet…She couldn’t deny the distinct feelings of sexual tension and what? Excitement even? Things she hadn’t felt in such a long time, things that caught her off-guard.

“Need to fetch some more tools from my van anyway, looks more complicated than I first thought.” He remarked. He got up off the floor and Ruby couldn’t help but admire the way in which the muscles in his arms rippled, nor the way his thighs filled his work trousers just right. She watched him walk out of the room, taking in the view, biting her lip as her gaze rested on his perfectly formed arse. She could not recall the last time she had felt so hot under the collar let alone had a fit, virile young man in such close proximity. Snapping out of her lustful thoughts, she busied herself, readying the teapot and trying to look occupied, all a front of course as she regained some composure.

Jamie returned a few minutes later, wrench in hand with the same cock-sure grin plastered across his face.
“How’s that tea coming along?” he asked cheekily, brushing past her and kneeling back down in front of the pipe work once more.
Ruby watched the muscles in his taut broad back now, moving deliciously under the tight fitting T-shirt he was wearing. She noticed the nape of his neck and the way his hair, the colour of sand, tapered neatly into it. She tore her eyes away, furiously berating herself.
“Get a grip!...” she murmured under her breath.
“Pardon?” he enquired, looking up at her over his shoulder, icy blue eyes studying her.
“Nothing.” She snapped back, turning away from him and biting her lip before adding in a softer tone “How’s it looking under there?”
“Depends on what you mean?” he replied, the wolfish grin reappearing.
“The tap of course.” She jabbed her finger in the direction of the sink, once again feeling her cheeks burning.
Ah. Well, seems to be a problem with your waste disposal unit too but I’m sure I can fix that.” Jamie went back to studying the pipes under her sink again and Ruby heaved a huge sigh of relief.

Once she had poured his mug of tea she asked him “Where do want this?”
“Plonk it down there.” Came a muffled reply.
She complied, stooping to set the mug beside him, hoping that he wouldn’t knock it all over the place.
“Cheers.” He reappeared at the sound of china on terracotta floor tile and drank thirstily. As she rose he caught her eye again taking the opportunity to make another wise crack.
“Your husband no good at plumbing then?”
Folding her arms she replied “Not that it’s any of your business, but no. He’s working away.” She huffed before adding “He works away a lot.” The tone of her voice spiked Jamie’s attention. He gazed up at her steadily, his fingers poised over his tools. Ruby broke eye contact, swiftly turning away from him.
“So you’re left to fend for yourself then?” He spoke in a new tone this time, softer.
Ruby wasn’t about to fall for that, “I manage perfectly well by myself, thanks all the same.”
“Except for when it comes to leaky taps eh?”
Ruby wanted to scream, he had a damn answer for everything.
“Ok. So plumbing isn’t my forte.” She retorted frostily.
“So what is your ummm… forte then?”
She couldn’t help but laugh at his blatant flirting and he immediately responded to this.
“You’re even sexier when you smile, do you know that?”

She refused to get drawn into silly games and instead she withdrew to a safe distance, taking a seat on a high stool at the breakfast bar. This had the added advantage of enabling her to watch him without being caught. He tinkered around for a while, making adjustments and humming to himself until he spoke to her again.
Do me a favour? Come and shine my torch in here for me, I can’t see jack…”
Venturing back into the fray, Ruby picked up the heavy flashlight and pointed it into his cramped workspace.
“Bit more this way…Bit more…Closer! Jees, I won’t bite you!...” He teased her.
She was uncomfortably close to him, kneeling alongside where he laid working.
“Shit!” he yelled as, without warning, a spray of water exploded from under the sink, instantly soaking him and catching her too.
“What the hell are you doing?” Ruby squealed, startled by the shock of cold water that swiftly saturated her summer top. She had to steady herself from falling backwards, only just managing to duck out of the jets of water.

Jamie cursed to himself as he battled with the water burst, finally managing to stem the spray with his wrench. Ruby looked around her in dismay at the great pools all over her tiled kitchen floor.
“What the hell are you playing at?” She shot at him harshly as he held her wet clothes from her skin crossly.
He came out of the cramped confines of the cupboard and on seeing her alarmed expression he began laughing. He too was soaked through, his hair stuck to his head. Far more alarmingly though, his snug white polo shirt was now transparent, revealing every ripple of muscle that lay beneath. Tiny droplets ran off his face and she was once more struck by him. Far from being a childish boy, she realised he was very much all man.
The earlier tension between them was now palpable and Ruby could no longer resist gazing at him and it seemed Jamie was unable to resist starring back at her. He openly drank her in, noting the outline of her perfectly formed breasts through her top.
He sat up slowly, his eyes boring into her once more, undressing her, appraising her, his lips parted slightly in concentration.
“You’re soaking wet…” She murmured, not caring that she was stating the obvious.
“You too…” Came his throaty reply as he stood up, offering out a hand to help her up too. Ruby felt something similar to an electric shock as he took both her hands in his. She gasped softly, hardly daring to meet his eye but when she did the outcome was inevitable.

Their lips met in a fierce collision, hungry kisses snatched and seized from one another, tongues jostling. Jamie’s strong hands drew her up against him and she eagerly pressed her body into his, her own slender hands groping and grasping at him. He paused to pull his soaked T-shirt up over his head, her legs responded by almost buckling when she took in the sight of his hard muscular body with it’s young taut skin begging to be licked.
She wasted no time at all, her fingers pounced first, her nails grazed down his broad shoulders and his back before seizing his wonderfully firm buttocks, allowing her to pull him ever closer to her as her animal instincts came out to play. He grunted as he pressed and ground his groin against hers, letting her feel how hard he was for her already.

They continued to kiss urgently, Jamie’s fingers tugged on Ruby’s hair before they swept deftly back over her frame. Without hesitation, he stripped her wet clothes from her, smiling widely as he admired he body before diving towards her, plunging his face into her heaving breasts as he tore at her bra with his teeth. She yelped in a mixture of pain and also delight as his teeth then nipped at her hardened nipples, transforming them into solid peaks. She sank her nails into his back, her head thrown back as he greedily feasted upon her neck and breasts like a man possessed. She caught sight of his manhood as it bulged and strained for release. She made a grab for it only for him to snatch her by the wrist, smiling and shaking his head.
“All in time…” He teased her mercilessly and she found herself torn between desperation for his undivided attention and a yearning to unzip his trousers to free his hard cock. A soft cry escaped her as his grip tightened, her eyes widened in shock.
Far from backing down, Jamie propelled her up onto the marble breakfast bar, roughly pushing her legs apart. He shot another heart-stopping smile as he purposefully slid her soaked panties to one side, revealing a glistening, smooth pussy that screamed out for his touch.

Giving into his command, she spread her legs wider still, letting him see her in all her glory. He could not deny his arousal for her as he bit down on his bottom lip, his pupil dilating.
“Do you want me to lick that gorgeous wet pussy for you?” Jamie breathed deeply, inhaling the scent of her sex.
“Yes! Lick me, suck me, fuck me with your tongue!...” The words escaped from her mouth before she could stop them. He smiled gleefully at her outburst before obliging.
He did not tease her but sank his thick long tongue as far as he could inside her eagerly awaiting opening, illiciting squeals of unbridled pleasure from Ruby as she ground downwards onto his face. She could not remember ever having her pussy eaten so damn well, infact she struggled to remember the last time she had felt a tongue so much as brush over her wet folds… Not for such a long time indeed. She clawed at his shoulders, his hair as her hips thrusted and bucked to meet his tongue.

Pausing to catch his breath, he flicked his nimble tongue over her clit, which by now was solid as stone and protruded from it’s pink hood. As if this wasn’t enough, he stroked at the tight puckering of her arsehole, using some of her creaminess to lubricate its rim. After the initial shock she moaned loudly, asking him to slide a finger inside her.
“Inside where? Your pussy?” He took each fleshy lip between his teeth in turn, sucking hard before asking her “Or that tight arse, you horny bitch…”
It was her turn to grin, a wild unabashed grin. She loved the sound of his voice, as he huskily talked dirty to her.
“How about if I open you up, nice and wide? Mmmm, yeah…” Jamie continued hypnotically, his words reaching deep into her mind, reviving her sexual appetite and desires in a way she had long forgotten. Ruby began drowning in the sheer debauchery of it all as first he fucked her pussy with his thick fingers before adding another to her twitching ring. She gasped sharply at the initial resistance but with Jamie’s tongue lapping at her clit she soon relaxed, allowing his fingers deeper access. Moments later she began to cum violently, thrashing and sliding around on the hard marble surface beneath her until the spasms and shudders subsided.

Opening her eyes she focussed again, smiling wickedly at him. Far from exhausted, Ruby wanted more. Jamie had just lit the fuse!
“I want to fuck you so bad…” He groaned, pulling her off the side. He kissed her deeply and she could taste and feel her own cum on his lips and his tongue.
“You taste so sweet…Makes my cock rock hard.” He told her.
“Let me see it, I think it’s high time you let me see and touch that cock of yours…” She asked, confidently taking the chance. She reached out to him, finally freeing the thick length from his trousers. Already wet with his pre-cum, her fingers glided with ease up and down his meaty shaft. She moved closer about to lower her head only for Jamie to pull her back up by her hair. This only served to turn her on further still.
Batting her eyelashes at him she asked “You don’t want me to suck your gorgeous hard prick for you?” She feigned disappointment, her eyes glued to his. Jamie swallowed hard, tense with anticipation.
“I just want to fuck that cunt of yours, good and hard, make you squirt all over my cock. Now bend over the sink…”

He almost manhandled Ruby towards the sink, oblivious to the lakes of water around their feet. She did as she was told and willingly spread her legs for him, thrusting her pert arse out towards him. Her tits spilled out before her and his hands groped them demandingly. She cried out as he thrust his solid member through her swollen pussy lips into her engorged slit. His cock tip forged deep inside before he plunged in the rest so hard that his balls slapped against her buttocks.
“Grab my hair!” She screamed at him which he gladly did, yanking her head back each time he speared her. Her head jerked back as they fucked, totally oblivious to the fact they were in full view of the kitchen windows.
“You like that dirty bitch?” He panted. “You like the feel of my fat cock fucking you?”
Casting him a look over her shoulder, she laughed.
“Mmm, I like it yes…But I’d love it if you fucked me even harder you horny bastard!”
Hearing her filthy request made him groan loudly in excitement.
“Go on then, fuck me harder!” She demanded.
Never one to turn down such a horny order, Jamie drilled his cock into her over and over. Both of them were slick with sweat, skin white hot to the touch.

Jamie changed tact, pulling his manhood from her with a wet slurping sound, leaving Ruby feeling instantly bereft. Taking her completely off-guard, he spun her round and lifted her up off her feet, his biceps rippling with each move. She wrapped her lithe legs tightly around him as he carried her to the nearest available wall, slamming her back against it. He steadied himself and Ruby took his slick wet cock in her hand, promptly feeding it back inside her once more. Thrust after thrust he fucked her beautifully. With each stab of his pole she also felt the cold wall against her damp back. She tightly squeezed her legs around his hips, once again feeling the onslaught of a climax. She clung onto him, her round breasts slithering over his smooth sculpted chest. Feeling Ruby’s pussy muscles tightening around his shaft, he relentlessly drilled into her until she let out a long cry. Her entire body was wracked with such intense pleasure, her most intimate depths shook around his delicious girth.

His energy seemed to know no bounds but on seeing the way she shuddered with her cum and the way her eyes rolled back in her head, Jamie felt himself being drawn right to the brink.
“Cum for me…” She whispered as if sensing how dangerously close he was.
He could only nod as she clambered down off him, finally coming face-to-face with his bobbing shaft and bulbous tip. He twitched in anticipation and she opened her mouth as wide as she could for him before sinking her head down onto every last inch of the most glorious cock she had ever had.
“Ooh fuck yes!...” He shouted as he thrust his entire cock into the back of her tight throat. She gagged a little but continued to suck and deep-throat him expertly, sending endless globs of saliva cascading down his prick and onto his balls.
Tightening his grip on her dishevelled hair, he fucked her pretty face a few more times before pulling her mouth off him.
“Cum for me…” She ordered as she gazed intently up at him.

He was incapable of stopping the hot ropes of spunk from firing out of his swollen bell end. Jet after jet of hot salty cum splattered onto her face, her lips, and her throat.
Shuddering hard he continued to cum and Ruby hungrily milked every last drop from him with her mouth. Finally she stood up slowly, grinning at him and he responded with a sexy lop-sided smile of his own.
They shared a final kiss, along with a mixture of their creamy juices, before they began straightening themselves out. Ruby excused herself, heading to the bathroom to freshen herself up and by the time she returned Jamie was packed up and ready to leave.

“You shouldn’t have any more problems with that tap now.” He smiled assuring her.
“It’s all fixed then? Thank heavens for that.” She beamed, so happy to hear the good news. Good night’s sleep here we come!
He nodded, picking up his toolbox and turning to go.
“Any more problems or you need anything else seeing to, just give me a call.” He winked at her as he placed his card on the breakfast bar. He shot her one last sexy smile as he walked through the back door, leaving a smiling Ruby who was more than satisfied with his handiwork!

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