20 Feb 2011

All About...... Moi!

Greetings to all who may have stumbled on my new venture "Lady Minx Erotica" What can I say? Hmmmm.... Well I've had all sorts of ideas, feelings and emotions running through my fragile little mind and finally realised I had to do something to rein them all in so-to-speak.

My writing is what keeps me (relatively) sane in a mixed up, crazy world. I first put pen to paper when I was just a slip of a girl at the tender age of my pre-high school years and it went from there.... Little did I know back in the day that I would finally realise just how much my writing meant to me. Not only is it something I take immense pleasure in concocting, plotting and dreaming up but it also offers a divine release for the times when my soul feels more than a little frayed.

So what can you expect to uncover I hear you ask!...Well it's a mixed bag really. After the success of my first few Erotica offerings I've had published on sites such as eroticstories.com and Literotica.com and encouragement from close friends to expand, I decided to open up my writing wings, take a deep breath and go for it!

Consider for a moment that you're on a rollercoaster ride, filled with twists, turns, highs and lows and you'll have an idea of my writing is all about. I'm laying myself bare, opening up the fortress doors and dropping the draw-bridge. I'll welcome you into the velvet debauchery of my erotica, let you slide inside and revel in sensuality, allow you to sneak around in the taboo and see you float away on clouds of dreams....

Not all of my pieces will be pretty though I warn you now. There is a darker side that on occassion manages to break free from it's restraints, words pouring and flooding the page in a tidalwave of feelings. I used to keep these locked away, never meaning them to be seen by another soul. However if I'm to completely open up and explore the inner workings of my mind then maybe I should share these too...

So relax, make sure you're sitting comfortably and I shall begin......

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