6 Feb 2011

Smashed to Smithereens

Baby Blue Eyes has left the building, all thats left is the empty space i once stood in
The last strands of daylight faded, clouds finally oozing into one black pool, ink- like in their texture. Smothering, enclosing, swamping out any sunlight or ray of hope. Not one bright singular star shone in the night sky for her. No moon threw light to map out a path of safety to follow.

Eyes that once shone with soulful joy and light, eyes like vivid ocean waves of blue now slick with salt, red raw from a thousand emotions burning hurt and destruction as they tumble from towers  high.
That fire and passion, the mass of heat and energy that once dwelled in her heart  making her soar like a bird, totally invincible, now replaced by cold, dark  fear. The stench of weakness, fatigue, like a squalid blindness that sucked the life out of her. The sun that once shone, lighting her aura for all to see had finally set in the putrid sky, its last rays fighting it's inevitable consumption.

The spot where she once stood strong, a figure to behold, a body of empowerment. Now a desolate platform, devoid of any life or meaning. All that remains is the shadow of what once was, a rumour of existance, a breath on the wind whispering ancient myth and legend..And as that wind whirls over the plains, kicking up debris as it travels its journey of destruction it finally comes to pass on her platform. It hesitates. All that remains is dark ashes and broken shell. Time picks back up where it left off. The wind regains strength. The ashes blow away and  into the atmosphere.
She has gone.   

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