11 Dec 2011

What Would the Neighbours Say? Alter-Egos 1st Fuck!...

Meeting Chris was a major turning point for Louise. It was a birth of somebody new and the beginning of a new era. Feeling despair at the casual dates she frequent found herself on, with unadventurous guys (who quite frankly just didn’t cut the mustard), she cautiously began search the internet instead, looking for someone who would fit the bill. She required an individual who shared similar desires, someone who got turned on by excitement, taking risks and having adventures, especially when it came down to the nitty gritty of sex.

Louise had always felt as though something profound was missing from her life but had quietly accepted this for so long.Until she happened upon a rather eye-opening website catering for the more “open-minded” individual. That was how she became acquainted with Chris. Initially they chatted in the web site's chat forums, then over the telephone until tentatively a date was made and they got to meet each other face-to-face for the very first time. There was an instant spark, a real chemistry between them so it wasn’t long before they became acquainted on a more intimate level. Louise felt able to express her fantasies and carnal cravings to him without the fear of ridicule or being called a freak of nature.

Three months or so into their relationship, Chris confessed his most private and intimate secret - his love of dressing up as a woman, when the urge took him. Accepting this revelation was pretty easy for Louise and Chris soon began shyly asking for her involvement, sometimes to apply his make-up or to fasten the zip up on whichever dress he’d slipped into. She even began to call him ‘Chrissie’ on these shared private occasions much to his delight and approval.
In actual fact, he made a very realistic and overtly sexy lady. His efforts were always meticulous, perfection a must and it paid off in the end results.

Louise recalled a late night heart-to-heart she’d had with Chrissie. Louise had sat listening intently to her partner divulging in what would ultimately fulfil her lover sexually and make their sex life truly amazing.

Chris was perfectly happy and comfortable as a man during his day-to-day life; he had no desire to permanently change his assigned gender to become wholly female. Nor did he waddle bow-legged around town ,dressed in some ridiculous outfit, with a face full of stubble and a ropey wig. His alter-ego only made an appearance behind closed doors. What Chris enjoyed most about dressing up and assuming character was the transformation that took place and the freedom to express a different facet to his personality. Privately, he had a real thing for neatly tucking his cock and balls into women's’ underwear, enjoying the feel of lace, satin or silk against his skin, be it when he was dressed up to the nines or concealed under jeans or work overalls.
Louise embarked on her own personal journey of discovery with Chrissie; learning and growing sexually. She was startled at what she found out along the way...
It transpired that when Chris became Chrissie, Louise underwent a transformation of her own. Along came her macho rugged alter-ego who went by the name ‘Louie’. It took a little getting used to at first but when the penny finally dropped and she got her head around the concept, she dived in willing. This meant major fireworks between them as they ventured further. Louise felt free as a bird when she became Louie, free to go without make-up, to swagger around and let it all hang loose. As Louie, she adapted a rough and ready persona of a testosterone filled red blooded guy....

So, the story truly began one evening, the stage was the suburban house Louise and Chris shared. The play has been discussed and planned for weeks and was set to be something special. It would mark another momentous step forward together into the great unknown...

Louie was already dressed in snugly fitting faded jeans and a tight white vest that emphasised toned neat biceps. The ensemble was topped off with a baseball cap worn low, hair slicked back beneath. A pair of Caterpillar work boots finished off his outfit and Louie admired the reflection that stared back at him from the mirror. A sly smile formed on his lips as he gazed down to his crotch, to the prominent hardness that was visible beneath his jeans. The barely concealed bulge was none other than a beautiful rubber strap-on, that boasted an impressive 9 inches length and a nice thick girth to match. Wearing the strap-on cock made Louie feel every bit the part of a young and virile man and he ran his fingers along it’s denim clad length with pride. The hard rigid shaft instantly stirred up dark desires within as he felt it press against his pubic bone unforgivingly whilst a specially modified rubber pad lay resting a carefully concealed clitoris.

Assuming his full character, Louie jauntily climbed the stairs, two at a time, cursing gruffly as he went. “How much longer are you gonna take, for Christ sake?”
Chrissie’s soft voice called back to him as he neared the bedroom. “I’m almost ready darling. I want to look my very best for you Louie!...”
Louie barged into the master bedroom to find Chrissie tossing her long silky hair around her bare shoulders. This act caused Louie to stand and stare for a long moment. she looked so damn hot, sat there, perched on the bed, with her long platinum blond hair, tanned skin and lean body which was carefully adorned by a silky expensive looking camisole. Chrissie’s legs were encased in black fishnet stockings, her feet fastened into spiked high heels to complete her look. They seemed to go on for miles and Louie imagined them wrapped around his neck for a fleeting moment. All in all, Chrissie was the very image of glamour and femininity.

“Oh yeah, very fuck-able I’d say.” Louie remarked luridly, staring lustfully at Chrissie.
“Stop that...Now, please.... Do I look pretty Louie? be honest...” She enquired in such a demure and genteel manner, desperate for his approval.
“Mmm, like I told you, I’d happily fuck you and gladly ruin that tight little arse of yours too...” Louie hooked his fingers through the belt hoops on his jeans, jutting his hips forward before shifting stance to re-arrange his manhood in a convincingly masculine manner. Strolling closer to Chrissie, he continued to stare blatantly, making no attempt to disguise the animal urges that burned inside, fighting to be set loose. She fluttered her long black eyelashes at him and straightened up her back, which in turn pushed out the realistic breast inserts that padded out her bra. He licked his lips hungrily and reached out to grope a toned bronzed thigh roughly, dragging his hand up and down her leg.

“You certainly look pretty good from here...” Louie muttered, his eyes firmly riveted to Chrissie’s trembling thighs. The silk camisole slip had ridden up and her black lace stocking tops and suspender belt were on show.
“You are asking for a fucking good seeing to, dressed like that my girl.” Louie sneered, all the while feeling his crotch grow damp with arousal. The rubber dildo was ready to burst from his snug fitting jeans, straining to be unleashed. His searching hand then grazed against a firm mass that Chrissie had beneath her camisole. She had not had chance to slide into the matching french knickers before Louie had bulldozed his way into the room and now her silk covered cock twitched violently with the contact of his fingers. It was completely obvious at this point that they both felt the heady and disconcerting lust that pulsed between them.
“Oh Sir!... I’m not that kind of girl!...” Chrissie bleated her innocence but Louie interrupted her brusquely.
“Bullshit!...Your exactly that kind of girl. The kind of girl that’s just crying out to be shown who’s boss, a girl who’s asking to be fucked into the middle of next week...” Louie’s words were menacing and Chrissie’s neat, almost invisible Adam’s apple bobbed up and down in her throat with anxiety. Then she let out a yelp as he man-handled her up onto her feet, grabbing a fistful of tit for good measure and slapping a ripe peachy buttock sharply.

The crude and lascivious nature of Louie’s persona was a real power trip for him and it fuelled his lust to massive proportions. With force he shoved his hand between Chrissie’s thighs with no regard for her feelings or comfort.
“No!...Please, stop it now, don’t do that...” She cried as she feebly tried to bat away his invading hands, fighting against his strong grip in order to twist away from him. Louie however was one step ahead, grabbing her by her arms aggressively.
“Now where the fuck do you think you’re going Missy? Turn off the water works, there’s no point in being a cry baby!....You know it makes sense....” He grunted before cajoling her a little. “I ain't gonna hurt you....I can tell you want a good fucking....and I’m just the man to give it to you...”
Chrissie was not in the least bit convinced, her eyes wide with naked apprehension at what he had in mind for her. Neither of them had rehearsed exactly what would happen that night. It was now very much improvisation and unscripted, making the whole situation unpredictable and dangerous.

He turned Chrissie around so that she is facing away from him and ushered her closer to the full length mirror. He pressed the solid shaft of the rubber cock against her quivering buttocks, his hands pawing and mauling her round the front as he pulled on Chrissie’s throbbing member, her juicy tits and at the clasps of her suspenders. He shot his head forward, sinking his hot wet mouth down onto the sweet fragrant nape of her neck, leaving wet trails of saliva as he went. Oh Lord was he turned on! He felt like a feral animal; wild, vicious and above all, ravenous for Chrissie’s tight little hole.
“Do you want it? Hmmm? Want it in your arse?... Hard and deep in your arse? Tell me!....” A stream of filthy words spewed from Louie’s mouth, to which Chrissie had no choice but to reply in little high pitched squeals. “Yes! Oh God! Yes I do!...” She responded physically by pushing her sweet round cheeks right back up against him. The couple were ablaze with sexual electricity, unable to resist one another. Chrissie spun back round and lurched forward to kiss Louie who responded instantaneously with fierce and violent kisses of his own. He felt her slick lip gloss she had so carefully applied just minutes earlier, now smeared across his lips and chin. His hidden entrance cried out to be touched, but there were far more pressing and urgent tasks to be carried out.

Louie freed the bobbing beast of a dildo, relieved to be able to re-position it’s imposing thickness. Chrissie gawped with wide eyes and an open mouth the the impressive phallus that stood between them, a bizarre mixture of awe, anticipation and fear etched upon her beautiful face.
“Oh yeah! That’s right darling! I’m going to screw you with every inch of this real man’s cock, stretch you open, nice and wide...But first, you’d better get down there and wrap those slutty red lips around it. Suck it really good for me....”
Pushing her down to her knees, the submissive Chrissie sank down onto the carpet on the bedroom floor, then gazed on as she watched her very own hand grab hold of Louie’s shaft, noting how thick and hard it felt in her manicured hand as she began stroking him obediently.
“Come on, suck it for me, that’s it, I want to feel you fucking me with that filthy little mouth of yours!...” His voice roared down at her.

With tightly stretched lips, she obeyed him once more, struggling and choking on the cock that he shoved in her face. Despite her obvious discomfort, Louie grabbed handfuls of her lush blond hair and began fiercely drilling her mouth. He got a twisted thrill from looking down at her and watching her wretch and choke on him, tears streaming down her cheeks. His rod was soon well coated in wet rivers of Chrissie’s saliva, spat out from her slutty red mouth whilst she gazed upwards at him adoringly.
“Mmm, now wank me off, nice and hard!...” Louie practically barked at her and again she did as she was told, her hand becoming a blur with each pump of her fist, so desperate to please her tormentor. Meanwhile, Louie experienced violent jolts of lust from within his secret pussy, all of which were heightened by the sight of Chrissie as she sucked and tossed him off eagerly. In addition, the rubber clit platform massaged him raw with every movement she made with the strap-on cock. Wishing to regain some control, he pulled her back up onto her stiletto heels, determined to fuck her tight pink puckering, before he’d allow his own satisfaction to take over.
“Lie down, on your back...” growled Louie as he pushed the leggy blond back onto the bed. Tearing those delectable pins wide apart, he revealed at last that which he craved the most. Chrissie had carefully shaved and he was swiftly rewarded and greeted by the sight of her balls and her neat tight anus, completely devoid of pubic hair. Their shaved smoothness accentuated the tidy sac and twitching hole perfectly, inviting him to take them for his own and he approved immensely of her attention to detail, knowing she had done it to please and arouse him just as much as she had for vanity.

They hadn’t spent too much time discussing the exact outcome of the night, nor had they completely sussed out what they were comfortable with and where they drew the line sexually. However, now was not the time to enter into such a discussion! There was a wild and debauched atmosphere that seemed to swell between them both, making anything more than possible.
Louie let a large globule of spit fall from his mouth, grinning widely as it landed right on his desired target. Chrissie cried out softly in delight at the sensation of her lover’s saliva as it dribbled into his rectum. Taking hold of the fat rubbery cock between his legs, Louie guided it’s slick wet tip back and forth over Chrissie’s perfect little entry, to which Chrissie pleaded with a desperate shaky voice. “ Ohhhh Louie..... Please take me... Just fuck my arse....”
Chrissie began vigorously stroking at her own rigid dick that had turned a deep shade of purple. Rope-like veins were prominent along it’s shaft and silvery pre-cum pooled at it’s tiny eye. On seeing this, Louie swiped a finger over her cock tip, examining his find curiously before noisily sucking off the spoils with great relish. “Oh my, you taste really sweet....” he murmured hoarsely whilst wedging his bulbous end against her arsehole before forging onwards.
He knew he was taking her Chrissie’s anal virginity and took a little pity on her by generously smearing lube along the beautiful crack he was about to conquer. Chrissie was sobbing and whimpering with both fear and need. Louie felt a powerful lust surge through him as he mercilessly speared her with the entire dildo, ramming deep into her uncharted territory with brute force. Chrissie responded to his angry thrusts with mewling cries and strangled shouts as he fucked her to breaking point.

With Louie’s delicious meat buried deep in her arsehole, she wrapped her fist around her own length and furiously pumped her hand up and down in a frenzy. Chrissie’s hips began to buck wildly off the bed, her screams of pleasure and agony growing ever more frantic.
“Yes! Oh God Chrissie! Fuckin cum for me, cum for me baby!...” Louie all but screamed out to her. By now he was soaked with juices from his hidden pussy, his little secret clit rubbed raw and tender from friction. Yet the sharp sting of pain merely made the sensations more intense and he knew all to well that he’d soon reach his own climax...
He drilled on voraciously. As he fucked Chrissie’s sweet back passage, he grasped her silky ball sac in the palm of his hand whilst moaning all manner of expletives to the blond pinned beneath him, until she could take no more. Her arse muscles clenched tight like a vice and her body spasmed and writhed as she started to cum. Great wet spurts of semen fired from out of her cock, the contents of her balls emptied all over the place, soaking her crumpled silk cami and his jeans, whilst a stream of sperm dribbled it’s way over her crack and onto Louie’s thrusting strap-on. Only when Chrissie’s climax had fully peaked did Louie finally let himself go and he howled loudly with the sheer force with which he came, spilling another load of juices over them both.

God only knows what the neighbours must have thought was going on on the other side of the wall, such were the animalistic noises and the sound of the headboard as it violently battered against the bedroom wall!....
It may well have the couple’s first time, their first fuck as they screwed the brains out of the respective alter-egos.  But you’d better believe that this was only the very beginning of their tempestuous journey together into the unknown.......

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