1 Aug 2011

Under Complete Control

It was Ellie's birthday, a birthday that Rafe was determined she would remember always! The couple had dated for five years and Rafe still loved to suprise Ellie with gifts, especially naughty gifts that provided endless fun for them both. He'd booked a table at a fancy restaurant to celebrate in style and they both dressed up for the occasion. Rafe was particularly pleased to see Ellie wearing sexy stockings and suspenders beneath the slinky dress he'd splashed out on for her. Before the taxi arrived, he presented her with a suprise gift which turned out to be a little remote control vibrator. Ellie was excited by her new toy but it took a little bit of persuasion and reassurance on Rafe's part for her to agree to what he had in mind. Encouraging her to slide the toy into her panties he then hinted at what he intended to do to her during the evening. His mission was to tease and please her at his will via remote control. He was to be in charge of the speed and pulse setting of the new vibrator. All she had to do was to throw herself completely at his mercy. Finally she agreed and concealed the toy, already feeling damp at the feel of it's cool smooth plastic between her folds.

Once the couple arrived at the posh eaterie and they were settled at their table, Rafe asked Ellie if she was ready for the fun to begin. After several birthday drinks, she was finally relaxed enough and excited for her lover to take over. Rafe however toyed with her, his aim was to keep her in suspense, giving no clue as to his next move. She pleased with him to stop teasing her and to start the fun. When she least expected it, Rafe pressed a button on the remote control in his pocket which triggered a low gentle vibration against her pussy, causing her to almost choke on the forkful of fillet-mignon that she'd just put in her mouth. He smiled slyly across the table, asking in a low voice if it felt good. Ellie couldn't help but admit that yes, indeed it did. He soon snapped it off again much to Ellie's dismay. She found herself revelling in the sexy secrecy of it all, knowing that whilst they appeared respectable amongst the other well-heeled patrons, under the table, beneath her underwear; was another story altogether.

Rafe embarked on an infuriatingly arousing game of cat and mouse, teasing her by slowing then increasing the toy's speed or rythm setting which resulted in Ellie's demise. She was sharply aware of the other busy tables around them, concerned that people would hear the vibe's buzzing or suspect something due to her fidgetting and sighing. Rafe talked to her in a low husky voice over their meal, illustrating in great lurid detail just what he wanted to do and how he wanted to do it to her. Dirty talk always got her fired up and that coupled with the now regular steady pulsing between her folds she grew hotter and wetter by the second. She couldn't help twitching and shuffling about on her chair, enjoying the feeling of her thighs pressed tightly together and the vibrations that flooded through her sex. Ellie pleaded with him to increase the speed but he simply responded by switching the thing off, letting her cool off a little.

Ellie ate very little of her a la carte meal, far too aroused to have an appetite, for food at least. She leant in close to Rafe so that she could share the thoughts that were burning in her mind at that precise moment. A lascivious expression grew on his face as he listened intently with longing to every word that spilled forth from her lips. To any unsuspecting person who may have looked at them they appeared very much the couple in love. Their hidden debauchery was kept under wraps and under the thick table cloth. Ellie divulged to him just how much she would love for him to swipe the fine crockery and glasses off their table before bending her over it, taking her there and then. He bit his lip on hearing her confession. He was hugely turned on by the feverish way in which she spoke her mind and by the look on her face as she did so. They both knew that in reality there was no chance of a wild table fucking for either of them, but that didn't stop the thought being incredibly tantilising. They hurried through dessert, conversation growing ever more raunchy as they taunted one another to distraction.

Rafe took control once more, excusing himself from the table in order to pay the bill. Ellie urged him to be quick, the sooner they were in a taxi and back home, the better. She couldn't wait to get involved in some wild antics with her lover and if she knew Rafe, he would not disappoint her. At that moment the carefully concealed vibe began a low hum again and she looked round distractedly to see where Rafe was. She hadn't a clue that the toy's remote had such a good range. He was nowhere to be seen. Then came a huge jolt of sensation as the speed was cranked up several notches, sending powerful trembles through her soaking insides, up to her breasts and their painfully erect nipples then further still up to her eyes which began to roll in pleasure. Her breathing became ragged and she was unable to stop herself from grinding down on her seat to maximise her enjoyment.

She gasped then as, from his hiding place, Rafe sped it up further still. Shudders wracked her body as she began to perspire, her pussy contracted in it's first delicious spasm. Ellie caught a glimpse of him standing near the foyer, hand in pocket as he watched her squirm from across the restaurant. He smiled over at her in such a way that the inevitable occured and she came in a hot crazy crush of waves. Her panties were drenched, her fluids slick between her thighs. She hoped to God her dress wasn't wet with her cum! Panting, she savoured the blissful after-shocks, gazing at Rafe as he made his way back over to her. Ellie was unable to find words to describe the mighty yet secret orgasm he had given her, but Rafe could see it written all over her flushed face.
"I think it's time we made our way home, don't you sweetheart?" Rafe assumed the lead again, Ellie was willingly submissive, allowing him to help her from her seat and to slip her coat over her shoulders. she was extremely grateful to have him steady her, her legs wobbly and unsteady.
"Yes, let's go home..." She replied demurely to which Rafe nodded and tenderly ushered her out of the restaurant.
"You filthy girl, fancy getting so wanton back there in that posh gaff!" He teased with a wise sexy smile that displayed just how bloody pleased he was with his handiwork and at Ellie's reaction back there.

The couple's fun and games were far from over for the night. Once ensconced in a taxi, Ellie felt fresh arousal stirring as her sex-drive geared itself up for second helpings. Rafe, eager to please his woman, pressed a button the hidden remote in his pocket, serving up new throbs of ecstacy between her legs. By the time the cab pulled up outside their house, both of them were desperate to get naked. That night the couple joined explosively, fucking like wild animals, desperate to milk every last drop of cum and delight from one another. That remote control sex toy brought them many more saucy times together. For Ellie it was the thrill of relinquishing all control, letting Rafe assume full command of her body, her pleasure and some mind blowing climaxes. Placing this power into his care thrilled them both beyond words, breathing a new gust of energy into their love life. All thanks to a battery powered vibrator! Ellie could honestly say this was one instance where she had no issue with her man hogging the remote control!

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