26 Jul 2011

Intimate Snapshot

"Let me take your picture?" He casually asks her as they lie amongst the tangled white bedsheets. "Please?... You look wonderful right now... Let me capture you, just as you are..." He gazes on hopefully, both of them lying on their sides, facing one another on the rumpled bed.
"Seriously? Like this?" She refutes, self conscious of her natural state, her nakedness, of the flush upon her cheeks.

"If you only knew how sensual you look, your eyes with their dilated pupils, your lips swollen from kissing me... The way your hair spills effortlessly across your brow and over your bare shoulders like so... See?" He describes in artisitc and poetic terms, illustrating the vision he sees lying right next to him. "You're glowing, your skin seems irridescent... You have the look of a satisfied, wanton woman...It's so arousing, I can barely contain myself..." He leans in to kiss her, running his tongue over her red lips until she entwines her own with his.
"I don't know..." She is still apprehensive, far from seeking further platitudes, genuinely unaware of her appeal.
"If you let me take your picture, then maybe you'll see just what I see." His coaxing tone softens her resolve.
"Maybe just one then..."

He hastens from the bed, returning moments later with an expensive looking camera, one that he uses in his profession. "Do I need to position myself?..." She laughs awkwardly, ruffling her hair. He catches her arm gently, shaking his head. "Just as you are baby...It's that I want to capture, like this, for always..." Touched by his tender tone of voice, she asks him, "Whatever will you do with my photographs? I hope you won't exploit me!" It is meant in humour but his face takes on a sombre expression. "I will use the pictures to remember this moment by, so that I will be able to see that look in your eyes as you gaze back at me. To always see into your soul as I do when we make love like just before..."

She is silent, overcome by the depth of his words. She takes it all in, storing the promise in her mind. He begins to take the snapshots, in black and white as they both love. He sets about catching every minute details of her as she lies back for him. Her ebony hair fans out on the crisp white pillows in striking contrast to the Eygptian cotton. The bedsheet is barely covering her, permitting him to take frame after frame as he industriously captures every inch of bare tanned leg, her lithe body, the curvature of her breasts, her tummy button, her soft pink cheeks...

In carrying out his intimate case study, he feels renewed desire flowing through him, in both mind and body. She smiles on seeing him harden swiftly, whilst kneeling at her feet with the camera focussed upon her.
"I have something to ask you now..." She calls out to him, her sultry drawl catching his attention, so that he lowers the camera to look at her properly. That expression is there once more, she need not elaborate on the finer details of her demands, for her eyes tell him all he needs to know. He sets the camera down and goes to her. When their bodies meet, a wonderous chemistry occurs, binding them together as they move with one another. He is inside her, they roll and writhe together as they frantically give up their souls to this mutual desire.

The sheets get tangled up some more as the couple indulge intimately once again. He smiles at the thought of having such treasured photographs of her. He has captured the essence of her, that look in her eyes, for all time, recorded on film so that he may savour these sacred moments for many years to come.

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