11 Dec 2011

Quietly Sliding Beneath

In the darkness I feel my way over to the bed, taking great care not to disturb you my darling. Lifting up a corner of the plush duvet cover, I ease my naked body beneath it’s warm fabric whilst holding my breath for fear of waking you from peaceful slumber, shattering your restful state.

I lie completely still for a few long moments before I dare to slide carefully over the mattress to where you lie, fast asleep. It’s pure heaven as I feel that delicious warmth of your skin against mine. It fills me with so many feelings; of coming home, finding peace, such deep affection and an unwavering love for you and....

I get a powerful erotic charge surge through me as my bare breast brushes against your shoulder. Such slight contact generates a deep molten lust. My insides crumble and melt into a viscous mess of arousal at your close proximity. Gently, I drape my arm across your chest, feeling it rise and fall with each steady breath you take. Closing my eyes I try to relax, to quieten the cries of my inner sexual yearning. I can settle for holding you close instead.

A little while after I join you in our bed, just as I’m drifting off into sleep, you stir, becoming aware of my presence next to you. You roll over to face me, your eyelids still closed. I feel your warm sweet breath on my cheek as you lean in closer to me and plant a soft kiss upon my lips, then another...and another...

I am coaxed from the daze of slumber and instantly set alight by your touch. I respond with deep kisses filled with passion and desire for the man I love. Our bodies wriggle around, shifting our positions in order to lie alongside, right up close and personal. I hear your soft whispering sighs of pleasure and I feel euphoric. For soon I’ll finally be joined so intimately and inextricably with you my darling, once again.

Into your ear I whisper, oh so softly, words I have longed to utter to you in person.
“I love you my angel.....”

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