11 Dec 2011

Do or Die

“Kiss me...” Oh the words I long to hear. The invitation to get close to him, it’s far too good to resist. Those eyes. Oh my, how deep and dark they are, pulling me in and entrancing me with their steady gaze.
All is still except for the sound of our rapid breathing as we stand, almost touching. His face is so close to mine. We are at a cliff face, balancing precariously upon it’s crumbling ledge. The tension and raw emotion in the air envelopes us. One sudden move and we will fall over the edge and down into a endless crevasse.
I know that if I lean any further forward towards him I will graze his soft lips with mine and there will be no return, no way back.
The chemistry between us is both unique and overpowering. My heart threatens to burst out of my chest with the sweet anticipation of that very first touch.
His eyes burn brightly, his gaze unwavering. He lights my touch paper, my fuse and before I know it, I’m consumed in flames.
“Kiss me...” His gentle words come again, urging me on. I am intoxicated by him and the sound of his low hushed tones. I am mesmerised by his very presence and I have to fight to even breathe.
The cliff face begins to crumble and disintegrate beneath us, sending an avalanche of rocks and dust hurtling downwards. Our feet are already slipping on the loose and treacherous ground on which we stand. As he clasps my hands in his, I offer up a prayer. I hope that he won’t ever let me go.
Our fate is sealed as our lips meet in the sweetest way. Clinging on to each other we are falling, on our decent we plummet weightlessly together into the great abyss of the unknown.

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