24 Oct 2012

After Party at La Maison Rouge - Part 2

Lissy, Riley and Mason get their private party a trois well and truly started! High up in the penthouse suite of La Maison Rouge heats up to fever pitch as they take things into the bedroom!....

After taking the most luxurious bath ever, with two of the hottest, sexiest men I’ve ever clapped eyes on in my life, I’m sure I could be forgiven for thinking the whole night so far was just an erotic dream... One that I’d rudely awaken from at some point. But that’s just it! It was actually happening to me, Lissy!....

Once Riley and Mason (my hosts with the most for the evening!) have finished towel drying themselves, they lead me to the master bedroom in their palatial penthouse hotel suite. It’s in keeping with the rest of the place; totally sumptuous and glamorous. The bedroom is upholstered and adorned with all manner of exquisite decor and materials, all adding to the extravagance and seductive atmosphere. They definitely know how to entertain a girl that’s for sure!... Just being in the room brings out my own sensuality, I feel desire exuding from my every pore, making my confidence soar. I turn to see Riley carrying the antique silver tray off which we have all been snorting cocaine since we got here. Mason too comes in bearing gifts - in one hand he holds an unopened bottle of Jack Daniels, in the other 3 shot glasses made of expensive burnished glass... Yum!
It dawns on me that the sound system in the grand living room is cleverly wired throughout the penthouse, including the bedroom and I perch on the end of the impossibly soft huge bed. I’m enjoying the sultry Balearic beats pumping through the hidden speakers and, closing my eyes I picture myself on the beach at Bora Bora, Ibiza with the warm sun radiant upon my skin....
I’m soon back in the moment when, on opening my eyes I’m greeted with such a provocative and alluring sight. Both Riley and Mason have shed their towels and are wandering around the room completely naked without a care in the world! Oh my, my mouth is practically watering and it’s not the only thing salivating; my quivering pussy is getting juicier by the second as my eyes sweep lasciviously over their finely honed bodies. What a delicious treat! 

In order to protect my sanity and keep a modicum of self control I pour out three shots of JD for us, smiling at each man in turn as I hand him a glass of the sweet brown bourbon. I feel extremely over dressed and so without another thought I knock back my shot and shrug off my bath towel, letting it fall to the floor at my feet. Instantly I feel two pairs of eyes appraising me intently, which is hot as hell. I decide to take charge for a little while and instruct them both to stand at the foot of the enormous bed, facing me whilst I sit on the bed between them. By now we are all naked and the urge to feel bare skin on skin is truly compelling. The guys do as I tell them and stand before me now with their two impressive cocks bobbing up and down eagerly, mere centimetres from my face. I lick my lips hungrily and prepare to pleasure them both. After all the attention they have lavished on me tonight I’m desperate to please and excite Riley and Mason back. I have always loved giving pleasure, I’m not a selfish woman and certainly not a hater when it comes to wrapping my lips around a man’s cock. If anything it drives me wild with lust as I go to work with my mouth and tonight is no exception. I’ve been waiting patiently for my chance to taste the two men for the first time. Wrapping my slender fingers round each meaty shaft I begin to stroke and caress each dick, running my fingernails gently up and down their length before picking up the pace. I marvel at how fast they both stiffen and throb in my hands, sinewy veins bulging out as the blood flow increases down there. I soon find a comfortable rhythm, one which obviously pleases both men judging by their frequent groans and the copious amounts of glistening pre-cum oozing from the tip of each cock, just begging to be licked up....

I look up at them under my long eyelashes, making eye contact with each man in turn and their facial expressions spur me on (not that I need any encouragement!) to realise one of my favourite fantasies, one I’ve longed to do for so long.... I bring both of the delicious pulsing cocks together now so that their tips meet and I rub them gently against each other. I swallow hard in anticipation as I eye their lovely fluids of arousal pooling and dribbling over the heads of their dicks then skillfully use some of it to lubricate both rods before massaging them together. My tongue can no longer resist the overwhelming desire I’m feeling and without missing a beat I lap at their tips like a cock-starved mad woman! My eyes roll back momentarily at the sheer sweetness of their arousal.
“Fucking hell Lissy....” Riley hisses through clenched teeth, I feel him lurch under my tongue’s attentive touch. He reaches down and starts to stroke my hair. I can also hear Mason’s breathing getting faster and ragged as I lick at him too. This is definitely my cue to step things up another notch, so far so good! I start sucking on both cocks in turn, one at a time to begin with, showing off my finely tuned skills as I swallow each inch into the back of my throat before pulling off and taking the other cock between my lips. The exhilaration I feel at this exact moment is beyond words. I know I am being a filthy little whore yet I’m completely empowered by their response and by the utter respect they afford me. Pulling off Mason’s prick I see that my saliva connects his with Riley’s cock in delicate silvery ribbons and Mason groans lustfully, “That is such a fucking dirty, horny sight!... You look so sexy sat there....Mmmm...” I gaze at Riley who nods vigorously in agreement, panting slightly with arousal.

Time to take it further still I decide, so opening my mouth as wide as I can, I rub both purple tips against my cheek then pressing them together I begin to carefully feed them between my eagerly waiting lips. Both Riley and Mason groan loudly in unison, their moans and grunts are getting more and more frequent and more and more ragged as I seal my mouth around them both, stretching my lips to near tearing point. I don’t even feel the discomfort, I’m buzzing with electric desire, flying sky high, feeling my own sticky honey seeping out of me. This physical state of fervent and frenzied passion grow ever more turbulent as I dare to imagine their joint thick solidity as it stretches me wide open elsewhere..... I am so fucking turned on right now, I feel incandescent with rapture, but that’s nothing compared to the fellas who are now thrusting their hips forward to greet my mouth as I accommodate them both at the same time. The combination of my artful wet mouth and the mind-bending sensation of their rigid shafts rubbing  and straining against each other is clearly pushing them onto a knife edge.
“Ohhh... Slow down Lissy baby...” Mason pleads, rapidly losing his control. His crazed reaction has a knock on effect on Riley who gently holds my head still for a moment. I look up at my two gorgeous lovers in mock confusion. Easing slowly off their cocks I say breathlessly, “What’s wrong guys?...Don’t you like the way I’m sucking your amazing cocks?....” I also give them my best puppy dog eyes, playing the innocent yet knowing damn well they’re both fucking loving it!...
“Lissy! You are beyond amazing!... But if you keep that up you’re going to make us shoot our load way too soon!” Mason gasps and his cool measured persona is now a thing of the past.
“But... I want to make you cum... I want to milk every single drop from you both....” Then with puppy dog eyes routine in full effect I add a soft plea, “Please Riley?...Mason?...You won’t regret it, I promise!...”

How can they refuse such a sweet request? The answers is folks, they can’t! So swiftly wrapping my lips back round and down onto both poles once more I go all out in my quest to make both men explode! Greedily I suck and slurp on their delicious meat like my life depends on it, sliding my fingers up inside my soaking slit as I do so. I sneak a peek up at them both and I’m rewarded with Riley locking his lips onto Mason’s in a feverish kiss, their tongues blatantly wrestling for me to see... Fuck I love watching that! My pussy clenches around my busy fingers and I feel my juices flowing freely over my knuckles, making wet horny squelching sounds each time I slam them inside me. Both of them let out long loud moans and I feel Mason’s orgasm surging up his cock shaft with force. Quickly I now slide off them but hold them both against my lips, still pressing them together. Riley gazes down at me and at his manhood resting against Mason’s and lets out a guttural roar as rope after rope of sweet hot spunk explodes from them both simultaneously. Strings of it land on my outstretched tongue but also onto each other’s glans, shafts and balls too. Wow! I am blown away by the intensity of this moment, as are Riley and Mason, who slump onto the bed either side of me. I insist they rest a little while, despite my body, particularly my errant pussy, screaming desperately to be touched...and fucked.... I resist their objection and pleas to turn their attention back on me, at least for a short time anyway!
“Sssh!...” I whisper with a wicked glint in my eyes as I ask Riley if he feels comfortable and willing to help me pleasure Mason.
“Mmm I’d be delighted to sweetheart...” Riley agrees happily, already visibly aroused again himself which secretly impresses me no end - a handsome cock and staying power, I think my birthdays and Christmases have come at once! Together we embark on our mission, licking and sucking at Mason’s cock to inject some life back into it. We each kneel either side of Mason, our lips sliding up and down both sides of his dick then moving down to his sac. Riley takes things a step further and shows me how to rim his friend’s anus with my tongue. This proves to be hugely successful as within minutes Mason is standing proud again and eagerly swaps places so that he too can help me with Riley.

As Riley reclines back on the bed I cast a glance up at him and I’m struck once again by how damned good looking the guy is, especially when I run my tongue over the delicate skin between his balls and his arse hole in deliberate little flicks, making his beautiful face scrunch up in delight. Both men have very arousing qualities, Mason with his darker unpredictable side that excites me and Riley with his smouldering looks and dirty mouth that makes my cunt gush every time he looks at me or murmurs his debauched thoughts and ideas. I make it my duty to discover as much as I can about them, as much as they’ll allow anyway. We start sharing each other’s mouths, indulging in hot wet kisses, whilst our hands roam and explore in studiously over one another's bodies.
“Lissy?...” asks Mason tenderly, taking me by suprise.
“Yeah babe?...” I answer him as Riley feasts on my breasts, making my head spin with desire.
“If you could live out anything with us tonight, anything at all, your wildest secret fantasy.... What would you want most?...” His voice is barely a whisper, I can feel the sexual tension spark wildly between the three of us. Momentarily stunned by his question I have to pause, I’m briefly at a loss for words. Dare I spill out my inner most deviant desires?....
“Yeah baby, I seem to recall you expressing a burning desire to live out some personal fantasies.... Now’s your chance sexy lady!... Don’t be shy... Tell us both what you really want to do....” Riley’s voice is hypnotic, I feel enchanted under his spell. He strokes his fingernails up and down my back, causing wave upon wave of goosebumps to wash over my skin. My nipples stiffen all by themselves as I try to articulate my thoughts, to put my deepest, darkest needs into intelligible words. Seeing Riley smiling gently back at me seals the deal. I cannot let this chance pass me by, the chance of getting hot and wet and extremely intimate with both of them... All night long....

“ Well... Firstly I’d love you to take turns to fuck me, nice and hard and deep...” I lick at my dry lips and Mason hands me a drink which I knock back in one before licking my lips again, this time at the thought of each magnificent cock taking it in turns to pummel my pussy like never before...
“That’s easy enough but I think you’re holding out on us Lissy!... What else do you want?... What would it take for us to make you scream this hotel down eh? What can we do to make you cum over and over again, harder every time until you collapse?...” I look from Mason to Riley, holding out my shot glass for another refill and the silver tray is passed around again. The lines seem to be getting thicker and bigger each time, my head feels it’s up in the clouds, my body is live with high voltage wanting and sexual yearning. As the coke takes effect my breath deeply then open up to them. Mason studies me closely with dark coal eyes and my heart beat increases tenfold. Riley too is hanging on to my every word, his turquoise blue eyes, flashing with raw latent sex. I feel like he can see right into my soul and far from being afraid I welcome him inside, allowing him to coax me until my dirty wicked thoughts flood from my lips.
“I’d like you both to get my pussy nice and wet...Really wet, which shouldn’t be hard judging by the way you had me oozing juices all over the show on the settee before!... I want you to make me beg, push me to the edge but don’t let me cum, drive me crazy for you both... Will you open my cunt up so that it will stretch for your fucking awesome cocks? It’s just I’d really like to feel you both inside me at the same time...:

God! I am so hot I’m burning with poorly disguised need for my two sexy men. As I tell them what I’d like them to do they both nod and smile and I have no doubt at all they are about to make my dreams become reality.
“Describe how you want us, where inside do you want our cocks honey?” Mason gently prompts me, rousing me from my manic thoughts, he’s not about to give up and neither is Riley.
I laugh then, “Oh yeah of course!... How dim of me!...Mmm, well let’s see... If you really wanna know then I’ll tell you.... I’d love for you to fuck my pussy and my tight little arse. Together. At the same time? D.P I think you’d call it? That’s if it’s not too much for you of course?” I wink at them, confidence restored as a new buzz rushes through me.
Both of them gaze silently me for a long moment until we all start to giggle at each other, releasing some of the pent up sexual tension between us. There’s a blinding excitement bouncing off us all, sending us a little stir crazy and it’s not just down to the drugs either.
“Lissy, we would love to, it would be our pleasure to make it happen for you, with us...” Riley sighs in a mix of delight and disbelief.
“What?” I laugh at him and the way in which he drinks me in.
“You should know, we’re both hugely flattered that you want us to....” He starts before trailing off.
“Mmmm.... Fuck me senseless? “ I giggle and have another shot, something tells me I’m going to need to be as relaxed and malleable as possible for the imminent sexual journey they’re about to take me on.
“Understatement!...” Mason smiles, “But don’t worry, we’re not going to do anything unless you’re happy to ok? We’ll go at your pace, you’re in charge...”
They take it in turns to kiss me deeply and touch my body so skillfully I’m soon trembling uncontrollably with desire. Both men lavish such pleasure on me it’s almost too much to bare, they are so attentive and take their time seeking out every erogenous zone I have before luring it out and claiming it with their mouths and hands. At first, I fight the urge to writhe around on the bed whilst they break down all my remaining defences. My skin is on fire and each time I close my eyes shut I see vivid images of the three of us back at the club, back on that dance floor....
“Ohhh God!...Fuck yes...” I wail as Riley nibbles at my nipples, suckling on my breasts and sending shooting spears of molten lust down to my aching, twitching sex. I am so desperate to have them right this instant, to have them fill me to the brim and fast. My pussy seems to sigh in unison to my mewling and moans and I hear Mason murmuring his approval of my pink and luscious womanhood that he’s currently torturing and goading into submission with his thick masterful fingers. I beg them to give me more, I’m completely at their mercy... and way past caring.... Riley joins Mason and they each slide 2 fingers right up inside my soaking entrance, up to the knuckles. I’ve given up trying to stifle my cries and instead I am succumbing to wanton abandonment. Now I feel two wet devilish tongues licking my clitoris and I can take it no more... I can merely concede to another mind shattering climax as it tears through me, my greedy naughty cunt clenching and constricting desperately onto their fingers with each hot spasm of ecstasy.
“Ahhhh! Ohhhhh.....” I scream, balling up my fist and biting down onto it hard to prevent the possibility of another guest hearing me and calling security. “Fuck me!...” I gasp, “You pair are something else altogether!...” I’m panting as I try to talk, my heart’s hammering violently in my chest and my body trembles deliciously.
“Lissy! Next time you must promise not to put your hand over your mouth gorgeous! Scream your lungs out darling, don’t fight it, ok?” Riley insists as he clambers up the bed to kiss me, stroking away a rogue strand of hair from my face. I take a moment to knock back another shot of JD and take another hit from the silver tray for good measure. Mason produces a cigarette for me too, to help calm me and I accept it, grateful for the nicotine. Then they both resume their mission in readying me, preparing me for the sweetest fuck of my life.

Riley, ever the gent, lets Mason go first and he positions himself between my quivering thighs. He runs his swollen cock head up and down over the luscious wet slit between my tender folds. He teases and works me up with pent up need as he dips it into my honeyed centre then just as swiftly retracts it again. This makes me growl fiercely, my eyes burning into him, until he asks me, “Do you want this cock Lissy? Cos I’m so hard and ready to fuck you...” His gravelly voice bores into me and I stammer between sharp gasps “Do it... Please... Give it to me... Now!...” With my demand he pushes his fat helmet inside my opening and I squeal out in pleasure again and again as he slams his entire length inside up to the hilt and our hips grind into each other. Mason rolls his strong hips and embeds his entirety deeper still and then at just the right time he starts to fuck me in just the way I’d asked. Moments later he grasps my legs and throws them both over his muscular shoulders with ease which allows him to plough into my  liquid hot core with fierce strokes that set a million fireworks off inside me. He grinds his solid prick into my tender engorged sex so well that my vision blurs for a while. It’s obvious I’m being forced back to the brink and he snatches his member out of me with a wet slurping sound as it pops out. I cry out in frustration and lust and unbridled passion. Mason has well and truly excelled himself and as he bends down over me I grab his face in both hands and kiss him furiously in way of thanks.

“Now Lissy....” Riley moves smoothly into Mason’s place, his pupils are huge, almost blotting out the blue of his iris and his eyes hold me in their sweet sexy gaze that’s almost enough to push me over the cliff face once and for all. “Are you ready for me baby girl? I’m going to ease this nice hard dick inside your beautiful sweet pussy, I’ll go nice and slow until I’m good and deep inside your wet tight hole, sound OK sexy?...”
I nod in reply, inwardly so excited to have Riley and his hard cock fucking me blind, I can barely string two words together.
“It’s got pretty thick and really hard Lis, so it might stretch you a bit more than you’re used to, but I know you can handle me, I’ll make it worth it, where there’s pain, pleasure is always close by....” He smiles at me like a starving animal, circling his weakened prey, knowing it’s only a matter of time before he gets to devour it... I can feel the heat from his bell end as he swirls it back and forth over my clit, that’s so hard it’s almost painful each time he does so. I’m fizzing between my thighs, my pussy seems to be flooded with rivers of my creamy sweet fluids and this helps lubricate my entrance for Riley who thrusts into me without warning, plugging me with his bulbous girth. Shock and sharp pain rapidly melt into a deep carnal pleasure, the likes of which I have never know, until right now. It feels fantastic and I cry out to him, telling him just what he’s doing to me and how I love it, “Don’t stop! Don’t you dare stop baby!...” I sob, trying to get my erratic breathing under some kind of control again. Riley is fucking me in earnest now, spearing me with his beast of a cock. Each thrust lights my touch paper, and I grab at the bed sheets, screwing them up in my fists, my head is thrown right back, my back arched as my body contorts in delight. I’m being submerged into an ocean of new sensations that I’ve never had before and I’m both scared and exhilarated. I tell you one thing for certain, if I’m drowning in such wild and passionate feelings then I don’t ever want to be rescued!

Riley is pinning my wrists down firmly above my head and I squirm and thrash about; my God, how does he know I love to be restrained? Come to think of it Riley seems to have discovered that hidden kink before I did!... Without warning he suprises me again by pulling me upright, whispering into my ear in a low moan that sends fresh pulsations downwards and into my sodden pussy. “Will you ride my cock Lissy, please baby?...I want to see you above me with my prick buried inside you...” His eyes glaze over and his breath is ragged once more. I lean into him and catch his bottom lip between my teeth, tugging on it gently. Riley's length twitches inside me with urgency and after indulging in a dirty horny kiss, I let roll onto his back and lift me onto his erection that stands proud of him like a stone carving. I guess I should feel a little guilty after all, Mason didn’t get this but the more I tease myself and Riley’s rigid tool with my tight little cunt opening my concerns soon dissipate into the ether. Mason as it turns out is more than happy to get involved in other ways and he comes and stands at my side, offering me his well lubed shaft to suck on. Riley pumps own dick up and down until it grazes and massages my most tender sweet spot. Try as I might I cannot resist sinking down onto him as far as I can take him, until my clit that’s poking out from under it’s hood is soon grinding down against his groin. This creates an almost unbearable friction there, every time my clit bashes against his pubic bone a strangled cry of delight escapes me. Soon those sharp explosions of sensation start all over again, resonating from within my very sexual core.

Sensing how close I am to cumming he whips me off him and his dripping wet pole and Mason relieves his own from my mouth too. I bite back a howl of desperation, knowing that good things come to those who wait... I think to myself “What a bloody state I must look!...” My hair feels like a wild and damp matted unruly mess. My skin is damp and glazed with perspiration. However, on catching sight of my reflection in one of the full length mirrors I’m shocked and taken aback by the pleasingly wanton reflection gazing back at me, with her reddened swollen lips, tousled hair that screams out that she’s been fucking and also her creamy undulating curves, my reflection is one to be proud of!
“Mason? Riley?... I’m so ready for you both, I need to feel you inside me, fucking me, so bad.... I feel like I’ll go mad if I don’t have you right now...Is that wrong?...” I look at them both, gauging their reactions, seeking reassurance.
“How on earth is wanting to experience your wildest fantasy for real or getting to feel ultimate physical pleasure, wrong? Lissy, honey you are a beautiful sexy woman, you know what you want so reach out and take it, grab it with both hands!...” Pulling me in for a cuddle they dispel any worries from my mind for good. The cuddle fast becomes something altogether more sexual and we kiss hard and frantically, tongues doing a violent tango over one another. Then there comes more...
Doing exactly as I had been advised and encouraged to do, I decide to literally grab the chance and both men too with both my hands. Yes! I’m going for it, I’m about to live the dream baby!....
“Come here babe...Come and slide that amazing tight pussy back onto this...” Riley is lying back on the bed, stroking his long hard shaft with his knowing hand. In his eyes I see an irresistible and unmistakable flame burning in his eyes as he draws me back to him. I take care as I envelope myself around and down onto him, a little nervous that just one vigorous downward thrust as I throw myself onto his sword, will tip me right over and into the abyss. So we start moving together, finding a sensual rhythm and soon I’m gently rocking on his cock and savouring each and every blissful burst of feeling.

Meanwhile Mason comes up behind me and strokes my back, my buttocks and the backs of my thighs with firm and confident strokes as well as littering my skin with feather-like kisses. His hands are moulded to my high round tits and he alternates between massaging my breasts and rolling my nipples finger his thumb and forefinger. The combination of his subtle touch and caress and Riley grinding my pussy so perfectly makes me eyes roll back under my lids and my head lolls back. Mason tweaks my nipples harder now, shocking me back again and when he’s satisfied the time is right he takes each one in turn to suck and bite upon, sending shooting searing heat and sexual communication right down to my well filled pussy. I feel my muscles clench and contract in such a  beautiful way and Riley smiles up at me, feeling it too. “ Ohhh baby your pussy is gripping my prick so tightly, you feel so snug and perfect in there. Doesn’t she Mason?...”
Mason responds by licking and darting his tongue like needle sharp daggers up over my fleshy breasts, across my collarbone and to my neck where I feel his teeth pressing against the highly sensitive skin there. I’m making all manner of strange, guttural cries and sounds but I don’t give a fuck, for with every expression of pleasure I make both men moan in response. Words of such explicit meaning spew from my mouth, I tell both of them exactly how good this feels, how I want to feel them both stretching my anus and my pussy, how I’ll imagine they’ll be able to feel one another through the thin membrane of tissue that divides my holes and how bad I want to cum whilst they’re fucking me....

Mason’s hands have found their way between my buttocks and are now stroking my inner thighs, gathering up my arousal that’s collecting there by the bucket load. I feel him pause in his stroking then it’s back to my buttocks, smearing my wet stickiness up into my cleft before stopping again. I look at him inquiringly over my shoulder and Riley moans loudly. “Are you touching Riley too back there honey?...” I ask, hoping he’ll say yes which of course he does and tells me how he’s caressing and cupping his mate’s balls as well as sliding my moist arousal all over Riley’s balls and arse hole. This has a dramatic effect on the man I’m currently riding, I feel his dick swell further still and it lurches up against my g-spot repeatedly.
“Mmmm... my fingers are covered in your creaminess Lissy... “Mason talks to me in a low seductive tone. “ Maybe I’ll go and have another taste of that divine little pussy of yours, you taste so fucking good I could get hooked!... What do you think Ri?”
“Ohhhh....”Riley groans loudly, “Just thinking of eating your pussy makes me want to empty my balls everywhere!...Babes, I could lick and eat your pussy all day... so so nice...” He murmurs beneath me, as he too slips under the atmosphere’s erotic spell. I look over my shoulder again at Mason and I watch him as he takes his fingers in his mouth and sucks on them longingly,tasting me on his tongue before licking his lips. “ Fucking hell Lissy, you have no idea how good you taste... I need some more...” and once more he disappears behind me. I’m shocked when I feel his tongue flicking enticingly over my puckered tight arse hole. I flinch the first few times, I’m unaccustomed to this, however when he does it again with slow deliberate strokes I let myself enjoy how it feels.... It’s naughty and feels dirty, forbidden maybe but fuck, my life I want more!
“Mmmm Mason, babe that feels so....nice... You’re the first person to lick my arse you know...” I whimper as he ups the ante, dipping the very tip of his agile tongue into the firm ring of muscle. It feels hot and wet and I love the initial resistance my anus puts up before allowing him entry. It may sound strange but I’ve had anal sex before (albeit a rather clumsy and unsatisfying event on that occasion) but never felt comfortable with having my arse licking and massaged... And now, well fingered! Mason has cleverly scooped up some more of my pussy honey and used it to lube up my back passage, making it a smooth entry for his fingers that are delving and stretching my hole... Ready for another cock!....
“You like having your arse pleasured don’t you? Like having it tongued and stretched with my tongue darling?...” Mason probes then without waiting for an answer he adds, “ Just as well, cos I ain't about to stop any time soon!...” He carries on with relentless precision, worshipping my arse whilst Riley slowly grinds my sex so sweetly I feel emotional. Mason intently licks and dips into my bottom, wiggling fingers and tongue in turn inside the narrow cavity and it feels better and better, the whole forbidden theme is making me even more high with lust so when Mason starts finger-fucking my arse with 2 fingers I embrace it and revel in the erotic sensations of the two men fucking my greedy holes. His broad fingers work pussy juices into the tight space until it starts to open up nicely. The friction from Riley’s meaty cock fucking me good helps to make things more comfortable. Riley wants more involvement too and pulls me forward so that my tits are hanging in his smiling face. “Give them to me baby... Feed your tit to me, yeah that’s it... Mmmm you horny little bitch!..” He laughs when I drag my nipples back and forth over his lips snatching them away when he attempts to suck or nibble. “Are you teasing me Lissy?...Bring those nipples closer, I wanna make you squeal!...” I give in, after all it’s one of my biggest pleasures, having my tits and my nipples toyed with, especially whilst being fucked with a fat hard prick and being fingered in the arse too!

Then I feel something drop into my dilated arse hole. “I’m spitting into your arse to make sure you’re nice and wet for my cock Lissy... Mmmm it’s dribbling between your cheeks too, it looks horny as fuck from here....” Then he disappears again, I can hear him but I’m not totally sure what he’s up to, until I lift my hips and see him through my parted thighs and gasp as I witness him licking Riley’s balls and arse, engaged as he gives his close friend pleasure.
I’m feeling wild and wanton now, totally devoid of inhibitions so I ask Riley “Do you like that Riley? Does it feel good when Mason licks and sucks on those big balls of yours and your arse too whilst I’m riding your huge cock baby?...Makes my pussy twitch so much, it looks so fucking dirty and kinky, ohhh I love it!...”
A deep moan escapes Riley and again he jerks inside me. I realise that we’re morphing into a human daisy chain, a writhing mass of bodies joined as once and moving together.... Taking a deep breath Riley props himself up and pulls me to him, “ I’ll let you into a little dirty secret Lissy.... I love how tightly your cunt fits over my cock, just like a fucking latex glove!...You feel so so good... You look amazing too by the way you sexy wildcat!... And as for you Mason, you have a very wicked, wicked tongue my friend!...” I can see he’s fighting to stay in control, I too feel my stomach do somersaults as I listen to him, my orgasm is threatening to erupt very soon....

Mason tease my arse apart again, then delivers another helping of warm saliva that slithers into my waiting hole. The cleft between my buttocks is soaked now too, perfect for having my Double Penetration fantasy become a reality. I hold my breath in anticipation and apprehension as he swaps from his fingers to his cock, his engorged bell end glides up and down over my crack, a moan of delight escapes with every stroke. A gentle pressure now follows as he firmly presses his fleshy tool against the tight entry and I brace myself for his invasion, focussing instead on Riley’s cock drilling my other hole, this helps me relax enough for Mason to breach past the constricted band of muscle and into my slippery back passage. It’s painful and I grit my teeth against my arse which is stinging from being both invaded and stretched against it’s will. I’m astounded to find that with each gently thrust Mason makes in my anus, it’s getting easier, in fact it’s fast becoming rather damn hot. I gently push back and this lets me set the pace. We fall into a nice steady rhythm, Mason gripping my arse cheeks and burrowing in my arse, Riley thrust up into my wet pussy from beneath and me, well I’m like the filling in the middle - and boy am I getting filled! They’re both so considerate and I reward them by moaning loudly “That’s fucking amazing both of you.... Now I want you to really fuck me!” To show them I mean business I squirm on both their long cocks, taking them in as deep as I can, completely skewering myself and loving every second! Never in my wildest dreams did I ever expect I’d get the chance to find out what it’s like to be fucked by two guys at the same time, yet, here I am having the best fucking sex of my life!

“So....Lissy... How does it feel then to have two nice big cocks fucking you?...”Riley growls urgently as he fights against the climax that’s threatening to erupt any time. I can’t control my eyes or stop them from rolling back in my head. The whole thing is so overwhelming, so intense and erotic that I’m swept up in sensation alone, I’m rapidly losing my sense of reality and I don’t care one bit. Mason grabs at my hips and I respond by jutting my arse out and back onto his heavy swollen dick and oh how he moans and cries in pleasure at this! I gather my thoughts and manage to answer Riley. “I feel so full, both of you are stretching me to my limit...I don’t ever want it to end it feels so...fucking....good!....Is it nice for you too?...”
Between grunts and groans they both exclaim how tight I am and the most erotic of all is how they can feel each others throbbing shafts through the thin skin that separates them.
“That’s so erotic...so intense...” I stammer between thrusts. I close my eyes and visualise those two handsome cocks gliding over each other...With this image burnt into my memory forever I am finally flung furiously over the edge and I start to cum. “Arrrhhh Riley! Mason... I’m cumming! I’m cumming right now!...Ohhhh....My God!.....”
I don’t recognise the sounds coming from my own mouth, my cries and screams sound alien to me and my body is shattering into millions of tiny fragments as white hot pleasure rips through me so that I am no longer aware of my surroundings or of the physical world as I combust and erupt in the most intense orgasm I’ve ever had.

Mason and Riley hold me tightly, supporting my body as I shake and convulse violently. I start to cry, my emotions are in turmoil and my body explodes with a second then a third orgasm. My insides seem to have been detonated by the sheer force of my climaxes and the aftershocks are only marginally less manic.
“Ohhhh...Mason...Riley....” I wail softly, as I slowly come back down to earth, my body feels so weak and wrung out after those exquisite feelings.....
My ferocious destruction has an equally fierce effect on both men too and it’s only a few minutes later that they lose their battle for control too. I manage to hold myself up and in place, my eyes closed but my senses heightened as I listen to their animalistic cries and shouts, both thrusting their cocks inside me with frantic urgency.
“I’m cumming too... Lissy ohhhh it’s cumming!....” Riley cries out in such a pained tone that somewhere in my foggy conscious I’m concerned he might be hurt. His hips buck and pump viciously and then I feel his immense load of sperm as floods into the depths of my swollen pussy. Through my orgasmic haze I manage to open my eyes and I am blessed with the sight of him; his handsome face crumpling as he lets go.
Mason tenses his entire body, his grip on my arse tightens almost painfully so but he needs me to steady him. As he plunges into my raw back passage once more I sense his prick jerking angrily inside my narrow confines, his balls slap against my backside with every last thrust. In these last few seconds he manages to grunt, “I... can’t hold it any longer Lissy!...”
“Then don’t hold back, cum for me darling!: I cry out softly to him and then glance over my shoulder at him. He looks in desperate need of release and I wonder what’s up with him.
“Where do you want me to cum sweetheart? Mmmm...” He is grinding his teeth, his jaw clenched so hard he looks like he’s about to combust!... Seeing his struggle and taking pity on the man I offer him blessed relief. “ I want you to cum inside me...Cum in my arse Mason, pump it full of cum honey....That’s it....”
He explodes instantly with a loud roar, pumping his seed into my tight hole. Then he drops weakly forward resting on my back, utterly spent. 

We remain like this, a wet messy heap, all three of us breathing hard against each others damp hot skin. I am completely exhausted... I’ve never been so ravished, stretched or violated yet I’m deeply thrilled by this whole breathtaking experience. I find the energy to smile and softly giggle to myself as I lay there sandwiched between my two crazily hot lovers.
“You OK there Lissy babe?” Mason lifts up off me but keeps his softening member inside me a little while longer.
“Never been better sweetie!...” I answer brightly, I feel punch drunk.
Riley plants a kiss on my neck as he lies on his back, caught beneath us and as I gaze down at him I add, “Exceeding all expectations!...”
Mason responds by stroking my back and when we’re ready to move at last, he slowly pulls out of me first, allowing me to straighten back up. I can’t help but catch Riley’s eye and he meets my gaze, winking and smiling back at me sleepily. There’s a warm comfortable atmosphere between us, each one of us sated and thoroughly content. Like the true gentlemen they’ve been all night, they both help me up off the bed so that I can go take a shower. I marvel at the copious amounts of cum both men have left inside me as it starts to trickle out of me and over my thighs. I smile, thinking of how those fluids are a part of each of us, all mingled together as one...

Some time later we’re all lying together in the over sized king-sized bed, drifting off to sleep as dawn breaks above the city. I lie in between two warm, sexy muscular bodies, my own frame is cradled snugly in the middle. As the sky grows lighter through the huge glass penthouse windows I fall into a deep slumber, my mind musing over how it all came to pass and how things could’ve turned out. I lost my friends in the club but fate was extremely kind to me indeed, I am one lucky bitch I smile in my sleep. To think that I’d had to be persuaded to even go out clubbing in the first place! So glad I did though...So fucking glad!.... To living dangerously, always keeping a sense of adventure and taking a chance...You never know what might happen!.....

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