26 Jul 2011

Laundry Room Confessions

Laundry Room Confessions

I can't keep this a secret for one minute longer! If I don't spill my guts and confess my saucy secret, I'll burst for sure. Thank Heavens you are here for me to share my story with!....

It was last fortnight when I was unceremoniously "dumped" by my so-called man of two years. Initially it would be fair to say I was rather upset, after all, nobody likes to be told " Hey, I don't want to be with you anymore. " To add insult to injury, he didn't even try and sugar coat his parting words to soften the blow. My self-confidence was left bruised and I felt unnerved by the prospect of singledom. For days afterwards I kept a low profile as I licked my wounds and tried to adjust.

Days later, I was doing my washing in the communal laundry annex that's situated on the complex where I live. Trust me, I was far from in the mood to be wistfully sorting the darks and the lights from the giant pile of dirty clothes. I resented that even this mundane task was tinged with loneliness. OK, I admit, I was wallowing, but can you blame me? I digress! Lost in my thoughts, I didn't notice someone coming into the laundry room, not until the person plonked their washing basket down on the counter that separated us. The noise made me start and I glanced up. I had expected to see one of the many harassed looking mother's that seemed to regularly frequent the facility as they fought an endless battle to keep on top of an endless stream of gym kits and school uniforms.

I was pleasantly surprised to set eyes on a good looking young man instead, even if he was wrestling with an immense pile of crumpled clothes. At a guess I'd have said he was in his early twenties at the most. He was clean shaven and had dark tousled hair, he looked good in an effortless way I suppose. I'm far from middle-aged years, I'm a respectable thirty something I'll have you know. I'm certainly not in the habit of eyeing up young lads.... Well, until maybe that particular moment anyway. He caught my eye, smiling warmly, dimples forming on his cheeks which just added to his boyish good looks. I smiled back quickly then busied myself intently with the task before me.... OK, I was embarrassed and shy. I get easily flustered, blush at the drop of a hat and stammer like a fool which does little for one's sex appeal. Anyway, I clumsily bundled my washing inside one of the large metal machines, thankful for the distraction; relieved to be preoccupied. This relief was however very short-lived. In my haste I had managed to drop a silk thong on the floor, completely oblivious of my faux-pas.
The guy walked over to my side of the washing machines to fetch some washing powder from the dispenser mounted on the wall nearby. When he turned back again I caught him grinning widely right back at me. " Think you may have forgotten something." Chuckling, he knelt down to scoop the treacherous knickers up off the tiled floor.
"Oh God!" I squeaked, voice fighting to keep my alarm at bay. I snatched the thong from his outstretched hand. "How embarrassing?..." I fussed, groaning as I stuffed them into the washer, knowing all too well that my cheeks would soon be a vibrant shade of crimson.
"Good icebreaker though, eh?" Came his relaxed reply that was swiftly accompanied by another smile that caused my stomach to flip. "No harm done." he concluded before ambling back over to his side of the room.
Normally, I'd have hung around and waited for the load of washing to go through a full cycle. Not that day! I couldn't face sitting there, my face burning with embarrassment. Perhaps you think me a bit silly, but I guess that's just me. Hoping my expression remained passive I made my speedy exit, leaving the young man to his laundry. Once outside, I chastised myself fiercely, muttering "Get a bloody grip for Christ's sake!..."
If it wasn't bad enough feeling like a lonely old spinster, I'd found myself with my knickers in a twist over a boy too... No pun intended! I waited several hours before venturing back to rescue my clothes, praying that the young man would be long gone and luckily he was nowhere to be seen. By this point I'd started to see the funny side and I laughed to myself as I folded my stuff neatly. The fact was, the guy was pretty hot. There, I admit it! Surely there's no harm in a bit of private lust? A woman's got to have some perks.... Besides, it was highly unlikely that he would have given even a sideways glance had it not been for the whole knicker fiasco. "Probably felt sorry for you..." I thought ruefully, yet... That smile... Oh yes, he had certainly brightened up that dull afternoon.

I had almost forgotten about the young man when a few days later, I had to make another unwanted trip to the laundry annex. It was an awful afternoon. The sky was almost black with malevolent rain clouds. Just my luck of course, the heavens opened royally as I was half way over the complex. Gritting my teeth, I decided to brave it and I dashed the rest of the way as fast as I could. I was soaked to the skin in seconds, the cold rain coming down like stair rods, drenching everything it touched. Gasping with cold and from my sprint across the complex, I dived into the laundry, slamming the door to shut out the deluge. I shook my head to free my hair that was stuck to my face, grimacing down at my clothes that were sticking to me.
"Why, hello again!" called a familiar voice; a voice I'd definitely heard before. Whirling round, I came face to face with him, Mr Damn Fine himself, standing only a few feet away. "Fancy seeing you in here." I tried to joke, acutely aware that my thin t-shirt had become see-through. His face lit up as he answered "I know! We really should stop meeting like this, people will start to talk!" Yes! There it was, that disarming smile of his once again. Awkward, yet unable to help myself I smiled back at him. "Small world eh?"
He grinned then frowned a little as he looked at me. "Here, take my jacket, look at you, you're shivering. "The guy strode over to me, coat in hand and before I knew it, he was easing it over my damp shoulders.
"Thanks, umm that's really kind of you, but I'm drenched. I don't want to get your jacket wet too." I said, feeling a little odd. He reassured "Don't worry about that, it's no problem. Besides, I wouldn't be much of a gent if I didn't come to the aid of this damsel in distress!" I couldn't help but laugh at that. I slow began to relax, a familiar confidence glimmering inside. "Talk about corny! Very sweet of you all the same though." I rewarded his generosity with a genuine smile as I accepted his lovely warm jacket.

There was a long pause at that point. My infant bravado did a runner as we stood facing each other. Was it my imagination. or was he resting his hands on my shoulders for longer than he really needed to?... His eyes met mine and held my gaze for what felt like an eternity. His eyes... They were a warm hazel, his skin was smooth except for the lightest dusting of stubble. I found myself holding my breath and my heart raced as he stood so very close to me. I was fascinated by him and I watched his lips curl into a soft seductive smile as he spoke to me quietly. "Shame you had to rush off the other day..."
"Erm...really? Whys that?..." I stammered, my own voice barely a whisper. Was it all in my head or... No, his fingers really were stroking my arms, prickles of excitement really were spiking at my skin. He took his time answering me, his lips parting ever so slightly as he studied me. I was so taken aback by his relaxed confidence, surprised and aroused by this young man.
"Well...I was struck by how attractive you are....I would have liked to have chatted to you for a little while..." Was I hearing right? This sexy young chap was... Flirting? With me? Clearing my throat, I managed to speak. "Yeah...Sorry about that. Could've died with shame when you picked my thong up!.." I screwed up my face at the memory, feeling a flush spread across my cheeks.
"Aww.... You needn't have run off. If anything, the whole thing turned me on..." I stared back into his face only to find his expression was genuine, no hint of ridicule there at all. My jaw literally dropped open, this wasn't actually happening was it? To me?
"You are so arousing, I couldn't help but picture you in that sexy thong..." His statement caused me to gulp, my legs turned to jelly and a gnawing urge began to build inside me. Slowly he moved in closer still, lowering his face to mine, the whole moment seemingly in slow motion. "Can I kiss you?" he murmured. I nodded, speechlessly. When our lips met, the first touch made me want to voice my delight. However the sensuous way in which he kissed me forced any ideas of speech from my mind.
"You're even sexier up close..." he sighed between kisses. Kisses that quickly went from furtive and exploring to altogether much more intense as his tongue probed inside my mouth. A moan escaped my lips, quite of it's own accord as feelings of exhilaration, desire, lust and sexual need urged me to kiss him, and kiss him hard. My hands too began responding, clasping onto his athletic broad shoulders, willing him closer still. Most of all, I had the craziest desire for him to take me there and then, to feel his gorgeous body thrusting and gliding into mine...

Please believe me when I tell you, such wild behaviour is completely out of character for me. Right then however, my passionate traits came to life, I was too intoxicated to worry. I felt hot all over despite my earlier chill. The laundry was warm, moist from all the hot damp air that the industrial sized driers belched out around us. It was a stark contrast to the bitter wind and rain outdoors. He began to undress me, peeling away my sodden clothes from my hot skin until he had revealed my nakedness beneath. When he smiled at me, I was in no doubt that he liked what he saw, his appreciative murmurs making my confidence soar. I too was delighted at the sight of his firm defined body as he cast his clothes to the floor in seconds, allowing me to feast my eyes upon the contours of his chest, hard washboard stomach and sculpted hips... He eagerly resumed his hungry attentions on my trembling body and I put up no resistance, wanting him in any way I could have him.

I've never been so daring or brazen, nor so uninhibited and impulsive in my entire life. Yet here I was, kissing this stranger, desperately exploring his skin with my fingertips like a woman possessed. Despite his youthful appearance, he oozed with sexual energy and confidence, he was anything but a boy. He was irresistible. He whispered softly into my ear whilst kissing my neck, teasing with his tongue. I felt such heat between my thighs, wetness flooding from me. When I cast my mind back to that moment, it becomes glaringly obvious to me just how unfulfilled I had been whilst with my ex, never realising how good such intimacy could be. Experiencing such sexiness made me greedy for more. I was ravenous, desperate to go wild, to fuck this gorgeous man with all I had to give...To let him fuck me right back....

He swept me up off my feet and sat me down on top of one of the hulking great washers with ease. "First things first..." He grinned and winked, walking over to the door, sliding the bolt across to lock it shut.
"Good idea..." I sighed, fizzing with anticipation. "What I want to do to you calls for no interruptions!..." he told me, the sound of pure lust in his voice sending my insides into a frenzy. Sensing my needs, he second guessed me faultlessly as he delivered intense pleasure. My thighs gave no resistance as his hands slid between them, pushing them open. I left them that way, letting him see my most intimate place as it opened up before him. I knew that by that point I'd be glistening wet, my pink folds slick and inviting. Staring intently at my pussy, he then buried his face between my legs, devouring it first with his gleaming hazel eyes and then his amazing mouth...
I feel I need to state here for the record that I'm not an easy woman and I have never slept around. That said, I'm definitely not a prude either. Yet, the way in which he caressed my sex with his tongue, sucking on it's lips and nipping deliciously at my tender clitoris, caused me to feel a complete newcomer to such pleasure and desire. Gripping onto the machine for dear life I writhed upon his tongue. I may well have held fast to the washer but I lost all grip on my senses along the way.... I couldn't stand his exquisite teasing a moment longer, so grabbing at his shoulders I pulled Mr Damn Fine back up to face me once more. I just had to kiss him and so I did, hard and deep, tasting myself on his lips. I wrapped my legs around him tightly in case he should try to escape. He was every inch the willing captive, with no desire to run away from what lay ahead.

Our bodies were wet with perspiration, sliding past each other as we pressed up close. As we did so, I felt his solid young shaft twitching against the sensitive curve of my inner thigh. Feeling this too, he proceeded to goad me with it playfully, working the tension between us up into fever pitch. The sexual chemistry between he and I was indescribable. As I felt his thick swollen tip press into me and gently prize me open, I finally learnt the meaning of hot, passionate sex. I breathed in the sweet clean smell of him, nuzzling my face into his neck, all the while his fine cock slid inside, just where I needed him the most. He filled and stretched me to perfection. My womanhood gripped onto him like a vice. Moaning deeply in appreciation, the guy told me just how good we felt together... How snug I was around him, a neat and perfect fit. Who was I to contest what he said as I thrust my hips upwards to feel every inch of what he had for me.
Suddenly, the huge washing machine I was perched upon embarked on it's fearsome spin cycle, shaking and vibrating violently beneath us. This raised a giggle from me. I leaned forward to whisper to him that it had always been a secret fantasy of mine; to be fucked just like this and he moaned loudly, enjoying the desire in my tone, growing harder by the second. The rocking motion and vibrations from the machine added a new exciting dimension to our situation as it picked up speed...
Then there was a loud bang on the laundry door, a pause and then another sharp rap-rap-rap from the other side. Panic came momentarily until the man smiled at me. "Ignore them... No interruptions like I said... If you dare that is?..." His expression challenged me, with a raised eyebrow his eyes fixed on my hypnotically as an outrageously sexy grin spread across his face.

"Hello? Hello? Anybody in there?" A muffled voice enquired from outside the locked door. The excitement of the encounter and the risk of getting caught, made it so easy to accept his lust fueled challenge.
"Do you want me to fuck you babe?..."
"Do it!..." I urged, needing him so very much. I fought hard to prevent my pleasure from spiralling out of control but he worked me so well that I didn't stand a chance. Incapable of holding back for very long, my only option was to succumb, let it hit me head on like a freight train. I was oblivious to my cries and I forgot about the person outside completely. My moans and cries grew louder still as he began to shake with the voracity of his own climax. Afterwards, he held onto me as we caught our breath, then helped me back down onto my feet, once more the true gent. I felt shell shocked but like I was glowing from this encounter. It had been a lifetime since I'd had any pleasure, let alone an experience as great as the one I shared with him that day. Whilst I gathered myself and dressed, the timer buzzer sounded on my washing machine, signalling the end of it's cycle, my laundry trip was drawing to a close. He helped me to fold up my laundry and then we shared one last deep and sensuous kiss before I said goodbye. I turned to look back over my shoulder as I left, catching one last glimpse of that delicious smile. A smile that could melt the biggest iceberg....

Hey, who knows? Chances are, I shall never run into the guy again, but I'm OK with that. He coaxed out a wanton liberated streak in me that cold wet afternoon and I never even asked him his name. Besides, there's always a slim chance that maybe, one day, when our laundry baskets are full to bursting, we might just find ourselves back there once again. Until that day, if ever at all, I'm now ready to blossom and evolve... I can't wait!


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