21 Sep 2012

Where There's Smoke...

From his chair in the corner of the hotel room he studies her intently. He is in acutely aware of every move she moves as she lies languidly on the kingsize bed. He makes no attempt to conceal his hungry appraisal of her, staring openly, his eyes devouring every inch of her body.
She wears black lace; a balcony bra that only just holds her ample breasts in it’s flimsy cups, the fleshy orbs in great danger of spilling out. Her thong is just as skimpy, merely a tiny triangle of enticing material covering her intimate parts. He can see the curves and contours of her mound through the sheer fabric. He wouldn’t be at all suprised if one of her juicy pink pussy lips slipped out from beneath it’s confines to tease him mercifully.
Next her gazes at her legs, clad in sheer black stockings and held up by her matching suspender belt with it’s neat little clasps that he longed to snap undone before rolling the stockings slowly down her thighs and off altogether... She looks back at him, seemingly at ease under his scrutiny. She stretches like a cat basking in the sunshine, then asks him in a husky voice, “Do you mind if I...” In her hand she holds a cigarette, she is poised to light up.

He doesn’t trust himself to speak so nods his consent instead. She knows full well that he will not say no to her, won’t prohibit her from smoking. This is because it’s the very thing wants to watch her doing more than anything else, an act that turns him on so fiercely. He has grown obsessed, it’s a fetish. Seeing him nod she puts the cigarette between her red painted lips, resting it there for a long moment before reaching for her lighter. Her fingers linger on the cigarette, running up and down it, almost caressing it. Gracefully she ignites the lighter, it’s tall flame dancing and flickering as she brings it up to her mouth. He watches as it catches light and the tip starts to glow red. Even more enticing though is the way in which she sucks on the cigarette as she takes her first drag. The lighter drops from her grasp onto the bed. With her free hand she takes the cigarette from between her lips and exhales a plume of grey smoke in it’s wake. He grows swiftly erect at this and the way her scarlet lips part ever so slightly to allow the cigarette back in once more. With her other hand she strokes the top of her leg, fingers playing over her lace stocking top. He watches the figure eights she traces on her skin...

His eyes soon return back up again to where she is taking another long pull, inhaling the smoke into her lungs before steadily releasing it in wispy clouds that spiral from her mouth. The next time she exhales, she expels the smoke from her nose. His prick twitches as he watches her nostrils flare to release more tendrils of grey cloud. She strokes her breasts in turn, rolling her palm over her nipples, over the lacey bra. Obviously aroused by this, she bites her lip seductively and smoke escapes from the corners of her mouth in two separate streams. He is so hard he aches as he stares over to where she smokes her ciggy contentedly. The ash at the lit end needs to be flicked into the ashtray which she proceeds to do, tapping it gently with a long manicured nail until it crumbles into the glass dish. Each time she sucks on the cigarette he imagines his cock between her lips too, imagines her blowing out smoke seductively so that it envelops his shaft and swirls over his bell end...
She is looking right back at him again, her eyes trained on his lap, on his throbbing tool. She doesn’t need to speak, he interprets the way she licks her lips as a request for him to start touching himself.

She takes a sip of her whiskey on ice, swirling the golden liquid around the heavy glass before blowing some more smoke into the crystal tumbler, trapping it with the flat of her palm. He is fascinated by this, like a rare specimen, caught in a lab jar to be analysed. Finishing her cigarette she stubs it out purposely in the ashtray. Before he even has chance to be disappointed, she lights another. Improvising, she moves around on the bed, striking various poses, each more erotic than the last, the cigarette hangs between her lips the whole time. He watches on in raptures at the sexy woman as she rolls around on the bed, smoking for him. To his delight she is in an adventurous mood and suggests that she wanks his substantial manhood, swapping hands; in one a cigarette, the other his cock. When he’s close to cumming, she kneels between his legs whilst he sits back in his chair. He takes over his prick, jerking off for her. She rewards by blowing thick billowing clouds of smoke over his cock and the hand  which he pumps it with. The whole time she looks up at him under thick luscious lashes, egging him on until he can no longer suppress it. He spurts his load everywhere, watching in awe at the way his slippery jets of cum arc through the swirling cigarette smoke around them.

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