27 Aug 2012

Bathtub Blow

As I lie here in the bath, filled to the rim with steaming hot water and bubbles, I relax and close my eyes.... I picture your hand reaching down,delving through the bubbles and into the water. You take me in your grip and softly begin to stroke my soft but rapidly awakening and already hardening cock which is responsive to your touch alone.My blood rushes all around my body and I feel a tingle, a bolt of energy entering my being. A floodgate opens and my desires and thoughts burst forth with a single touch. Now solid, this desire grows as your hand tightens it's grip,stroking fluidly up to the tip and down to the base...

My tightening sac and balls work together to tell me they are armed and ready to shoot with bullet like precision upon my command. My will and want are great but to let go now would be disappointing, an anti-climax... My desire is to take the visions that play out under my closed eyelids further still, to let them play out to a more satisfying conclusion. As I raise my hips, my throbbing bell end, purple and swollen with arousal, pierces the water's surface, forging it's way through the foamy layer of bubbles. Eyes still firmly closed I jerk as I am pleasantly suprised at the sensation of lips and then tongue... A wry smile plays across my face as I think "Oh yes...I get what I most desire...".
I am brought back a little closer to reality as I feel those soft lips enveloping my shaft from it's very sensitive tip sliding downwards to it's base then back up once again...

With my hands now wedged under my buttocks for support I thrust myself upwards and then sink my body back down again, in perfect unison to your mouth's rhythmical movements. I groan softly and you moan... I twitch and you speed up your momentum. With my senses overwhelmed, pulses and throbs merge and blur into one undiluted sensation of sheer pleasure. My sac tightens even further and sensing this you quicken your attentions and increase the vacuum your lips have formed around my solid member.
"Cum for me..." you mumble softly, not an easy feat when your mouth is stretched to the hilt with my cock, yet I comprehend your muffled request.

My body stiffens, I reach out blindly to grasp the back of your head...
"Yes!..." I shout, "Oh....Yes!..."
No sooner have these words left my lips, my cock spills it's own communication in the form of sweet jets of spunk. I hear you make a choking noise as each warm rope of liquid hits the sensitive lining at the back of your throat. I realise however that you are not choking but greedily swallowing every last drop I have to offer. Your pretty mouth now sucks at my tip, whilst your slender fingers squeeze upwards from the base to make sure once, twice, three times... Not one drop escapes you...

Completely sated I begin to open my eyes. The steamy bathroom now reveals a secret, one that must be kept just that. My wife Sarah you are not... Her twin sister, my sister-in-law Louisa to be exact indeed you are...
"Sis..." I murmer in muted disbelief.
"Mmmm well you will insist on bathing with your eyes closed..." comes the teasing reply.

Just a dream I realise with a jolt as I open my eyes for real, seeing that I am alone with only my solid cock for company, ever hardening at my thoughts.
"Now..." I ponder, "How to make that dream come true?..."

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